Digital Life Certificate: Can pensioners submit life certificate through doorstep service?


How to Submit Digital Life Certificate : All pensioners in India are required to submit Digital Life Certificate every year on or before 30th November to continue pension. Life certificate can be submitted digitally by visiting CSC i.e.

Common Service Center or banks and taking advantage of doorstep banking. There are many ways to submit life certificate. However, if the pensioners do not want to go to the bank or CSC and submit their life certificate, then they can also do this online. Apart from this, they can take advantage of Doorstep Banking Service and submit life certificate.

There is also a biometric digital service for pensioners which is called ‘Digital Life Certificate’. This service is for pensioners of Central Government, State Governments, Employees Provident Fund Organization and any other government institution. There are many ways to submit life certificate.

Which pensioners can deposit online instead of going in person. By making online deposit they will not need to go anywhere. Apart from this, pensioners can also take advantage of doorstep banking service. In this service also you will not need to go anywhere. To avail the doorstep service, registration will have to be done. Life certificate form will have to be filled with necessary information.

Registration will have to be done for doorstep banking

According to SBI website, request for doorstep banking service should be made only in the home branch.

These pensioners can avail the benefit of doorstep service

Senior citizens above 70 years of age and visually impaired persons, including disabled persons, can avail this benefit.

Pensioners whose KYC is complete.

Valid mobile number must be registered with the account.

Survivor with single account holder or joint account holder.

These people will not get the benefit of doorstep service

Accounts which are operated jointly.

minor account

non-personal account

Doorstep Banking Service Charges

To submit the life certificate, you will have to pay Rs 70 plus GST. However, it depends on the bank how much they charge for doorstep service.

How to register for doorstep banking

According to SBI website, registration will have to be done for doorstep banking service.

Step 1: Download the Doorstep Banking App from App Store for iOS and Play Store for Android.

Step 2: After download and installation of the app, you have to enter the mobile number to register yourself.

Step 3: OTP will come from the system. OTP will have to be entered on the DCB app.

Step 4: Enter your name and email, password (PIN). Then login to the app with the PIN.

Step 6: Enter the address and register yourself for the service. The agent will come to your home at the appointed time.