Driving Speed Limit Increased on Expressway: Vehicle speed limit increases on Yamuna expressway, check new speed limit instantly


If you have planned a road trip from Delhi to Agra on the weekend, then your tour is going to be wonderful. Because of this, the speed limit has been increased once again on the Yamuna Expressway connecting Delhi-Noida-Agra. That means people can once again enjoy the journey on this road by speeding with their car.

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In the past, due to fog in the winter season, brakes were put on the speed of vehicles running on this road. So that any kind of accident can be prevented from happening.

The car will run at a speed of 100

The speed of cars and other light vehicles on the Yamuna Expressway has once again been increased to 100 km per hour. Whereas due to fog it was reduced to 75 kmph.

Similarly, the speed of trucks, buses and other heavy vehicles will now again be 80 km per hour. It was reduced to 60 kmph during fog. The Yamuna Development Authority had reduced the speed limit on the Yamuna Expressway from 15 December to 15 February.

Yamuna Expressway is 165 km long

The length of Yamuna Expressway starting from Greater Noida till Agra is 165 km. This expressway was built to speed up the traffic between Delhi-Agra. At the same time, its another objective was to reduce the traffic pressure on the route between Delhi-Agra via Faridabad and Vallabhgarh.

Yamuna Development Authority says that in the coming days, passengers traveling through Yamuna Expressway will be able to drive at high speed. With this he will be able to cover the distance of Delhi-Agra in less time.

Will be connected to Eastern Peripheral Expressway

Very soon the Yamuna Expressway will also be connected to the Eastern Peripheral Expressway built around Delhi. For this, an interchange will be made in Greater Noida itself. By doing this, vehicles going from Agra to Punjab and Haryana will not have to face the traffic of Delhi.

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