Employees Update – Good news for state government employees, retirement age will be increased by 3 years

Employees Update: In view of the ban on promotion and the number of employees decreasing every month, the state government is considering increasing the retirement age of employees to 65 years before the assembly elections to be held next year.

Rameshchandra Sharma, chairman of the State Employees Welfare Committee (with the status of Minister of State), has written a notesheet regarding this. In this, it has been recommended to increase the retirement age of employees from 62 to 65.

The government has announced to fill more than one lakh vacant posts in the next one year. Preparation has also started regarding this, but the process is complicated. In such a situation, the employees have demanded to increase the retirement age. Taking forward this demand, the chairman of the State Employees Welfare Committee has written a notesheet. They have argued that medical education, higher education, technical education and health departments already have a provision to retire employees at 65 years. In such a situation, similar provision can be made for the employees of other departments also.

The Chairman has written that there have been no new recruitments in the last years. Thousands of posts are vacant in various departments. Hundreds of employees are retiring every month. They say that employees will also be needed to conduct the upcoming assembly and Lok Sabha elections. Therefore this proposal should be seriously considered.

The proposal has already been made-

This is not the first time that there has been a flurry of raising the retirement age of employees to 65 years. The General Administration Department has already prepared the proposal, but the Finance Department had stalled it by reasoning about the economic condition of the government. Ban on promotion for six and a half years

The Madhya Pradesh High Court on 30 April 2016 had struck down the ‘MP Public Service (Promotion) Rules 2002’. Against this decision, the state government had filed a petition in the Supreme Court, hearing which the court has directed to maintain the status quo in May 2016. Since then there has been a ban on promotion of officers and employees in the state. In these six and a half years, more than 70 thousand employees have retired.