EPFO Interest Credit: Date Confirm..! Interest money will be deposited on this day, Labor Minister gave information!


EPFO Interest Credit: There is important news for job seekers. If you are also waiting for the interest of EPFO, then soon big money is going to come in your account.

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The Employees’ Provident Fund Organization has not yet transferred the interest money (epfo interest 2021-22) to the employees’ accounts for the financial year 2021-22, for which concern has been expressed. Although the interest for the financial year (epfo interest) was approved only in June last year.

Getting 8.1 percent interest

The EPFO’s CBT headed by Union Labor Minister Bhupendra Yadav had approved 8.1 percent interest for 2021-22 in March 2022. Let us tell you that this is the lowest rate in the last four decades.

14.93 lakh new members added in December

EPFO ​​has added 14.93 lakh new members in December 2022 purely. This is two percent more than the same period a year ago. The Ministry of Labor has given this information. According to the data released by EPFO, in December 2022, the number of members has increased by 14.93 lakhs.

The ministry has given information, the ministry has said that if compared with the same month last year, the number of members has increased by 32,635 in December, 2022 as compared to the same month last year. The Labor Ministry has also released the payroll data of the Employees’ State Insurance Corporation (ESIC). It shows that in December 2022, 18.03 lakh new employees are associated with ESIC.

8.02 lakhs came under social security

on an annual basis, it shows that in December 2022, compared to December 2021, the number of employees contributing to the ESI scheme has been 14.52 lakhs more. Out of 14.93 lakh new members added by EPFO ​​in December, 2022, 8.02 lakh have come under this social security for the first time.

How many members are of which age?

Maximum 2.39 lakh newly joined members are in the age group of 18 to 21 years. 2.08 lakh new members have been added in the age group of 22 to 25 years. Of the total new members, 55.64 per cent are in the age group of 18 to 25 years.


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