ESIC scheme adds 18.88 lakh new members in September 2023


New Jobs in India: The number of new jobs in the country has increased. According to the Labor Ministry, 18.88 lakh new employees have joined ESIC (Employees State Insurance Corporation), which provides health insurance to employees, in September.

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Among them, the number of women is 3.51 lakh. According to payroll data, 22544 new companies and establishments joined ESIC during this period, due to which there has been a jump in this figure.

Youth and women got jobs

Labor Ministry data shows that the maximum number of jobs were created for the youth. Out of the 19.88 lakh employees added during this period, about 9 lakh employees were below 25 years of age. This figure is about 48 percent of the total new members. Similarly, 3.51 lakh employees were added. New women employees and 61 transgender employees also came under the ambit of ESIC Social Security Scheme during this period.

More than 150 ESIC hospitals across the country

Many schemes are run to provide benefits to the employees of Central and State Government. One such scheme is ESIC . It provides benefits to low income employees. For this ESI card is issued. With its help, employees can get free treatment from ESI dispensary or hospital. ESIC has more than 150 hospitals across the country, where common to serious diseases are treated.

How to become its member

If the monthly income of the employee is Rs 21 thousand or less then he can avail its benefit. For disabled persons this figure is Rs 25 thousand. In ESIC scheme, 1.75 percent contribution is made from the employee’s salary and 4.75 percent contribution is made by the company.

Benefits ranging from free treatment to pension for the family

Under this scheme, employees and their families can get treatment for free. Also, there is no limit on the amount of money spent on treatment. For retired employees and in case of disability, the employee and his wife are provided medical facilities at an annual premium of Rs 120. Cash payment is also made for 91 days on sick leave. Maternity leave is also given in this. In this, women also get 100 percent salary up to 26 weeks of delivery. In case of death of the employee, ESIC gives the benefit of Rs 10,000 to the family and pension to parents, wife and children.

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