FASTag KYC: Do KYC of Fastag in two days, otherwise you will have to pay double toll tax


Ghaziabad: On January 15, the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) had directed all drivers to get KYC done for Fastag. If KYC is not done by January 31, Fastag will become inactive. Then if you pass through toll, you will have to pay double the tax.

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About 70 percent of Fastag holders of Ghaziabad have got KYC done, but still 30 percent of Fastag holders have not been KYCed. NHAI Project Director Arvind Kumar says that there are still 2 days left. In this, drivers should get their Fastag KYC done, so that they can avoid paying double toll tax.

Fastag users will have to follow the one vehicle, one Fastag policy. All previously issued Fastags will have to be returned to the respective banks. Now only new Fastag accounts will remain active. He said that one vehicle, one Fastag campaign has been started to reduce the waiting time of toll plazas and bring transparency in collecting toll through Fastag. NHAI has taken this initiative in response to recent reports of issuing multiple Fastags for one vehicle and issuing Fastags without KYC in violation of RBI norms.

Problems faced by old vehicle drivers

Fastag is available only on new vehicles from the agency, but in the old vehicles, Fastag has been installed from the bank. Some drivers do not put Fastag on the windscreen but keep it on the dashboard. Then they move ahead after showing when the toll comes. A Fastag is used in this way in many vehicles. Also, multiple Fastags are issued on the same vehicle. If any crime happens then it becomes difficult to catch it. Now if a vehicle has a Fastag, the vehicle will be completely identified when it passes through the toll.

Update KYC like this

Go to the website of the bank from which you have taken Fastag. Then login with your mobile number. Then go to My Profile section and click on KYC. Fill the other details including address proof in it. In this way KYC will be updated. If you want to check the status of your Fastag, then apart from the bank’s website, you can check by visiting

These documents will be needed

To update KYC, vehicle registration certificate, ID proof, address proof, a passport size photo will have to be uploaded. Passport, Voter ID card, Aadhar card, driving license and PAN card can be used as ID and address proof.

Problems will increase at toll plaza from February 1

Due to people whose KYC of Fastag is not updated, problems will increase at toll plaza from February 1. Double toll will be collected from them. NHAI is fully alert to ensure that there is no dispute. Police force can also be deployed at toll to prevent disputes.

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