FD Rates Increased: Shriram Finance Limited is offering 9.05% interest on FD, women will get special opportunity

FD Rates: Do you also want to earn more than 9 percent interest on FD Shriram Finance Limited, part of Shriram Group, is offering more than 9 percent interest on fixed deposits.

Shriram Finance Limited, one of the largest NBFCs in the country, belongs to the Shriram Group. Shriram Finance Limited is offering an interest of 9.05% per annum. Women senior citizens are getting this special FD rate. Shriram Finance Limited is offering 0.50% extra interest to senior citizens and 0.10% extra interest to women. Let us know about the FD schemes of Shriram Finance Limited.

Shriram Finance Limited had recently increased the interest

Shriram Finance Limited recently increased interest rates on FDs by 5 to 30 basis points. That is, the interest on FDs was increased from 0.05% to 0.30%. According to the company, customers can earn interest ranging from 9.05 percent to a maximum of 9.36 percent on customer FDs and an additional interest of 0.25 percent will also be given on all renewals. Shriram Finance Limited is giving additional interest of 0.50% to senior citizens and 0.10% to women.

These are the interest rates

The company said in an official statement that Shriram Finance has increased the interest on fixed deposits to 9.36 per cent. After the yield on this, you will get interest around 11.29 percent. The company said that the interest of FDs ranging from 12 months to 60 months has been renewed. You can apply offline or online with Shriram Finance Limited.

FD interest can be calculated on the website

Shriram Finance Limited had increased interest by 0.30 per cent on 12-month FDs. The interest received on this was earlier 7 per cent, which was increased to 7.30 per cent. Interest on 60-month FDs was increased by 0.15 per cent from 8.30 per cent to 8.45 per cent. Now a maximum interest of 9.05 per cent and 9.36 per cent is being offered. You can see the calculation of interest received by visiting the website of Shriram Finance Limited.