Good News: Government can give 3 gifts including DA Hike in August, Central employees should be ready!

7th Pay Commission: The Central Government can give three gifts to its lakhs of employees in the month of August. Since when have the employees been waiting for the increase in their salary. Now the news is that the government is working on a plan for the next month, from increasing the salary of the employees to the payment of arrears. Along with the hike in DA, the outstanding DA can also be paid in the next month. Along with this, the government can also put the amount of interest received on PF in the account of the employees.

Payment of outstanding DA

According to the news, the government can pay the outstanding DA of central employees next month. However, no official statement has come from the government on this yet. Government employees have a total of 18 months DA arrears from January 2020 to June 2021. According to the news, the central employees can get the outstanding DA arrears of one and a half to two lakh rupees at a time. Employees are continuously demanding payment of their outstanding DA.

DM may increase

Since last month, it is being expected that the government can increase the DA of central employees. In view of the rising inflation, it is now being said that the government will increase the DA of the employees by at least 4-5 percent. In the month of June also, the retail inflation rate was above 7 percent, which is more than the target set by the Reserve Bank. Because of this, it is expected that the government can increase the DA of the employees.

At present, employees are getting DA at the rate of 34 per cent. The government had increased DA by 3 per cent in March this year. In the midst of ever-increasing inflation, the government can give good news to the employees. If the government increases the DA, then more than 50 lakh employees and 65 lakh pensioners will get its benefit.

Can get PF interest

The government has stamped the interest rate on the amount deposited in the Employees’ Provident Fund Organization (EPFO). For the financial year 2021-22, the interest rate on EPF has been fixed at 8.01. In the last financial year, PF was getting 8.5% interest.

It is expected that the government can put the PF interest money in the employees’ account in July. 12% of the basic salary of salaried people is deposited in EPF. You can also check your deposit amount through UMANG app, EPFO ​​member e-service portal, SMS, or missed call.