Indian Railway: Good news for the passengers! Railways general ticket passengers will travel in sleeper coach without extra fee, know new facility


Indian Railway New Facility: Indian Railways has been offering facilities for passengers from time to time. From the convenience of booking train tickets to issuing refunds on cancellation, Railways has made it easy.

At the same time, it is being considered by the Railways to provide the facility of traveling in sleeper class to the passengers traveling on general ticket. The Railway Board has sought a report from the Divisional Administration.

Railway has introduced this decision to provide better facilities to the passengers in the winter season. The special thing about this facility is that passengers will not have to pay extra charge. This decision of the Railways will prove to be helpful for the elderly and poor people. With this facility, passengers will be able to travel in sleeper class without any extra charges.

Increasing number of AC coaches

The number of passengers traveling by train has been affected in the severe cold. Most of the passengers traveling by train in winter season prefer to travel by AC coach. For this reason, Railways has increased the number of AC coaches in some trains. In some trains, AC coaches are equivalent to sleeper coaches. Due to most of the passengers traveling in AC coaches, the seats of sleeper coaches are going vacant.

Increased number of people traveling in general class

At the same time, the number of passengers in the general class is increasing. According to media reports, the Railways is considering that the trains in which most of the sleeper seats are going vacant. Some of its sleeper coaches will be converted into general coaches. These coaches will be marked as unreserved and will be connected to other sleeper coaches. However, the doors between these coaches will be closed, so that no one can go from general to sleeper coach.

Railway board sought report

A report has been sought from all the divisional administration in the board of Indian Railways. The Railway Board has sought details of trains with sleeper seats running up to 80 percent empty. Railways will convert the empty sleeper coaches of all these trains into general ones, so that the passengers do not face any kind of trouble in traveling.