Indian Railways: Big news! Railways has canceled these trains for three months, check the complete list of trains

Most of the people of India depend on trains for long distance travel. In such a situation, if the trains get canceled or their timings are changed, then the daily commuters have to face a lot of problems. 

The winter season has also started. In such a situation, it is seen that many times trains have to be canceled due to fog, or their routes and timings are changed or their trips are reduced.

This time also railway has canceled many trains

With the onset of winter, the problems of passengers traveling by train have increased. In view of the fog and mist, the Railways has canceled trains on many routes for three months. At the same time, the Railways has reduced the days of operation of some trains. East Central Railway said that 12 trains have been canceled due to fog during the winter season. At the same time, the frequency of some trains has also been reduced.

Railway tweeted

East Central Railway tweeted that for the purpose of ensuring protected rail operations due to fog, some more trains scheduled to open / reach or pass through various stations of East Central Railway from 01.12.2022 to 28.02.2023 have been canceled and operations The number of days has been decreased.

These trains have been canceled

1. Train number – 14524 – Ambala Cantonment-Barauni – Tuesday, Saturday. (Cancelled from December 3 to February 28)
2. Train number – 14523 – Barauni – Ambala Cantonment – Monday, Thursday (Cancelled from December 5 to March 2)
3. Train number – 14006 – Anand Vihar Terminal – Sitamarhi – Daily – (1 December to February 28 cancelled)
4. Train number – 14005 – Sitamarhi – Anand Vihar Terminal – Daily – (Cancelled from December 3 to March 2)
5. Train number – 14674 – Amritsar – Jaynagar – Tue, Thu, Fri, Sat ( 1st December to 28th February Cancelled)
6. Train No. 14673 – Jaynagar – Amritsar – Mon, Wed, Thu, Sat (Cancelled from 3rd December to 2nd March)
7. Train No. – 15903 – Dibrugarh – Chandigarh – Monday, Friday ( Canceled from 2 December to 27 February)
8. Train No. 15904 – Chandigarh – Dibrugarh – Wednesday, Sunday (Cancelled from December 4 to March 1)
9. Train No. 15621 – Kamakhya – Anand Vihar Terminal – Thursday (Cancelled from December 1 to February 23)
10. Train No. 15622 – Anand Vihar Terminal – Kamakhya – Friday (Cancelled from 2nd December to 24th February) 11. Train No. 14617 – Banmankhi – Amritsar
– Daily – (Cancelled from 3rd December to 2nd March)
Daily (Cancelled from 1 December to 28 February)

Reduction in the frequency of these trains

East Central Railway said that apart from cancellation of trains, there has also been a reduction in the frequency of some trains. This includes train numbers 12505 Kamakhya – Anand Vihar Terminal, 12506 Anand Vihar Terminal – Kamakhya, 12523 New Jalpaiguri – New Delhi, 12524 New Delhi – New Jalpaiguri.