Indian Railways Mobile Charging Rules: Train passengers should not charge their phone or laptop in these 6 hours otherwise…

Indian Railways Mobile Charging Rules: Every day crores of people travel by Indian Railways. In such a situation, the Railways also takes full care of the convenience of its passengers.

In today’s time, the use of mobile or laptop while traveling is very common for people. In such a situation, there is also a system of charging for the passengers on every seat in the train. But do you know that you cannot charge your phone all the time in the train. According to the rules of Indian Railways, phone or laptop cannot be charged in the train from 11 pm to 5 am. Yes, let’s know what is the reason behind this.

Why can’t charge phone at night

Indian Railways forbids passengers to charge their smartphones or laptops in the train from 11 pm to 5 am. Aila does this to prevent any kind of accident in the railway train. Actually, people often forget to put their phone in charging and if a person sleeps at night with his phone or laptop in charge, then there is a possibility of fire due to short circuit. In such a situation, the railways forbids its passengers to charge their phones at night.

when did this order come

It is not that the Railways has implemented any new rule. From time to time, the Railways has been issuing orders regarding this. In 2014, the Railway Board had issued this order to curb the incidents of fire in trains. After this, in 2021 also, the Railways had issued a similar order for all the zones. But due to lack of information, most of the passengers are not aware of this rule.

These things are prohibited in the train

According to railway rules, carrying explosive and dangerous goods such as firecrackers, gas cylinders and gun powder is completely prohibited during the train journey. Along with this, you cannot carry inflammable goods like kerosene, petrol in the train. Passengers are also prohibited from burning stoop inside the train and along with this, smoking is also prohibited for the passengers in the train compartment or at the station.

Can be jailed for three years

Under section 164 and 165 of the Railways Act 1989, if passengers carry inflammable or explosive items while traveling by train, you can be fined up to Rs 1000 or jail up to 3 years or both. If you also want to save yourself from this punishment, then do not be negligent even by mistake.