Indian Railways New Rules: Big news for crores of passengers! Those traveling by train should know this new rule, all your actions will be recorded


Indian Railways: Many times news comes that the passengers in the train misbehaved with the railway officials. Many people travel without ticket in the train and when caught, they start misbehaving directly with the TC.

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In view of this, Indian Railways has now taken an initiative. According to this, now cameras will be installed on the body of TT during ticket checking, due to which all the activity of the passenger will be recorded.

Passengers will not be able to do any misbehavior

If you are traveling by train and you do not have a ticket and you are thinking that you will clash with TC or misbehave with him, then all your actions are being recorded in the body camera on his uniform. This camera is equipped with many features. With its help every problem can be solved.

Railway staff and passengers both will be benefited

In this context, Railways says that there are many things behind bringing this technology. The most important of these are the complaints coming from the ticket checking staff and passengers. In fact, TC says that many times he is misbehaved with and even comes to the point of fighting. That’s why railways has brought this technology keeping in mind the safety of its staff and the safety of passengers.

Railways say that this not only ensures the safety of the passengers, but also ensures the safety of their staff. Railways says that in the coming time it will be implemented on a large scale so that the journey of the people traveling by train is not only pleasant but also safe.

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