ITR Filling: You can file income tax return sitting at home yourself, this is step-by-step process


ITR Filling: The last date for filing income tax return is 31 July 2023. This time it has also been indicated by the government that it will not extend this deadline. In such a situation, you can file income tax return by yourself sitting at home without any help. Its process is given here.

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Have you not filed your Income Tax Return yet? The last date for filing income tax return is 31 July 2023. There is a possibility that the government will not extend the deadline this year. In such a situation, you should file your ITR as soon as possible. However, if you are finding it difficult to file your ITR on your own, here is a step-by-step process to file your income tax return without any help.

If your finances are not very complicated, you have basic knowledge of some rules related to income tax, then you can fill your ITR by yourself. Apart from this, there are many mobile apps nowadays which help people to file income tax returns, although they can take nominal charges for this. In the end, the option of going to a tax expert is open. Now before filing income tax return by yourself, you should keep all your documents ready…

Keep these documents ready

Before filing ITR, you need to submit several documents like PAN card details, Form 16 (for salaried individuals), proof of tax exemption, proof of rental income, proof of savings, proof of income from other sources, purchase in stock market- Proof of sale, proof of investment in any type of asset, etc. should be kept close by. So that you do not have to worry later.

This is the step-by-step process

Filling ITR by yourself is hardly a work of 30 to 40 minutes. That’s why you don’t need to worry too much. You just have to follow this method.

  1. First of all, go to the e-filing website of the Income Tax Department.
  2. Now register or login here with the help of your PAN card.
  3. Now after this you will have to fill some details like assessment year, ITR form number, type of ITR and whether you will deposit tax online or offline.
  4. If you are a salaried person then you will get all these details on your Form 16. You can choose the online option to submit the rest.
  5. After filling all these details, you will see the option to proceed further. After this you will be asked your status. For example, you are filing ITR for Individual or for Hindu Undivided Family, or for any firm or partnership firm.
  6. To file ITR in Individual category, you will have two options, one ITR-1 and the other ITR-4.
  7. Both these forms are generally filled by those people whose annual income is up to Rs 50 lakh. They just have to make different selections according to their income source.
  8. Those with ITR-1 option have to fill their personal information, gross total income, tax exemption information, tax filing information, tax liability (calculation is done automatically). It is generally available in Form-16.
  9. Those with ITR-4 option also have to fill disclosures along with all the information mentioned above.
  10. You are very close to filing your ITR. In the end, you have to validate your ITR. For this you can take the help of Aadhaar based OTP. However, it is necessary to link your Aadhaar card with phone number and PAN card.

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