Job Cuts: Big news for these company employees! Now once again this company is firing people, 500 people will be fired


Layoffs: At present there is a huge shortage of jobs in India. Apart from this, on the other hand, companies here are firing people. Veteran e-commerce company Amazon is laying off people working in India. Explain that the company is engaged in the process of retrenchment of about 500 employees in the country. It was announced by Amazon CEO Andy Jassy at the end of March, affecting 9000 employees of this company worldwide.

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Amazon will remove 18 thousand employees

Seller onboarding function has been discontinued in Kochi and Lucknow. Although Amazon’s sources have not given any reaction on this. Amazon is laying off employees for the second time in recent months. In the beginning of this year, the company had said that about 18,000 employees would be laid off. In November 2022, it was reported that Amazon would eliminate many jobs from India under its global plan.

Amazon closed many of its businesses in India

Amazon is still growing in the company. One of its largest sellers, Appario, is transferring inventory to a new seller to comply with regulations in India. Last year, Amazon had shut down several businesses including its food, delivery, edtech and wholesale distribution in India.

Layoffs continue in Amazon

Let us tell you that in the last January, the company had laid off employees in many of its offices including Gurugram, Bengaluru. Most of the retrenchments were done from loss-making departments. Due to the economic recession, there has been a stir in most of the IT companies. Due to the fear of global recession, many other companies are also engaged in retrenchment of their employees.

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