Job opportunity in Air India, 500 crew members will be recruited every month, the company told the complete plan


The country’s largest airline company ‘Air India’ is going to provide huge employment opportunities to lakhs of youth. The company said that in the coming days, more than 500 crew members will be hired every month.

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For this, the airline will soon start a new crew rostering project. In his weekly message to the employees on Friday, the CEO of the company said that the crew rostering project is about to start.

According to the news of ET, Campbell Wilson, CEO of Tata Group’s airline Air India, said that the company is going to work in this direction to provide better support to the crew members. Because the crew or crew member should have better standby for last minute call-up.

New appointments to reduce workload

Air India is starting crew rostering project as part of ambitious transformation plan. The CEO said that with the hiring of more than 500 new crew members every month, we will be able to train the entire crew. Air India CEO said that this project will enable the airline to roster its crew and bring in the latest technology and capabilities available in the market.

The airline has said that the company has developed software for its crew members, so they will be able to take advantage of a more organized and fixed roster for the rest of this year. With the help of this, they will be helped in increasing the operational capacity of the airline.

Earlier in May, the CEO of Air India had told that the total employee strength of all the 4 airlines of the Tata Group would be around 20,000. So far this year, Air India and Air India Express have hired over 3,900 employees, including over 500 pilots and 2,400 cabin crew members.

Let us tell you that in February this year, Air India has ordered 470 state-of-the-art passenger aircraft. For this, the company has signed the world’s largest aircraft purchase deal with America’s Boeing and France’s Airbus. This is the first time Air India has placed such a big order after 16 years.


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