Noida-Greater Noida people have bought old cars, so be careful, traffic police are seizing vehicles

If you live in Delhi-NCR and have recently bought an old vehicle, then this information can be very useful for you. Noida and Greater Noida Police are starting document verification of old vehicles sold.

According to Police Commissioner Laxmi Singh, such vehicle owners who have bought old vehicles will have to update the registration of the vehicle. If a vehicle owner is caught without updated registration, then the vehicles can be confiscated.

The Gautam Buddh Nagar Police is all set to launch a drive for random checking and verification of documents of vehicles owned by more than one person. Police teams in all three zones Noida, Central Noida and Greater Noida will soon start checking such old vehicles and will impound them if their ownership and registration documents are not updated.

Police has no idea about the car Police has started this initiative after a hit and run case in Greater Noida on New Year’s Day, in which three B.Tech students were hit by a speeding car. One of these students, Sweety Kumar, was seriously injured and had to undergo surgery. It was a completely plain case, in which even after more than 15 days, the police could not arrest any of the accused. The police commissioner said, “It was a blind case, with almost no leads. We only have information about the suspected car Centro, on the basis of which the investigation was started.

Out of 12,000 cars, the police had started tracing all the Santro cars present in Noida to nab the accused. The Transport Department told the police officers that 12,000 Santro cars were registered here. The shortlisting of vehicles came down to around 1,000 Centros and finally the number of suspect cars came down to only four, including one of the culprits. After this the police was successful in catching the culprit.