Paper Leak New policy: Big news! Government to bring new law against paper leak. Details


The issue of paper leak in competitive exams is in the news these days. Recently, the UP Police Recruitment Exam paper was leaked, now after the NEET and UGC NET papers were leaked, there is an uproar in the whole country.\

From students to politicians, everyone is out on the streets against it. Meanwhile, the Yogi government of UP is going to bring a new law to stop paper leak and curb the solver gang. The new law will have a provision for strict action against those involved in activities like paper leak and solver gang. It will also have a provision for heavy fines, bulldozer action and even jail.

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Meanwhile, the Yogi government has also announced a new policy to stop paper leaking. Under this, there should be 2 or more sets of papers in each shift. The question paper of each set will be printed through a different agency. Paper coding will also be further organized. For the selection examinations, only government secondary, degree colleges, universities, polytechnics, engineering colleges, medical colleges or reputed well-equipped and funded educational institutions with a clean track record will be made centers. The centers will be where there is CCTV arrangement.

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Four different agencies

will have different responsibilities for conducting one recruitment exam. Candidates will have to go outside their home division to take the exam. This restriction will not be applicable on handicapped and women. If there are more than 4 lakh candidates, the exam will be conducted in two phases. There is relaxation in conducting the PCS exam in a single shift. To prevent rigging in preparing the result, scanning of OMR sheets will be done in the commission and board itself.

The question paper will have a secret code

. Not only this, the question paper will also have a secret code. Confidential security marks like unique barcode, QR code, unique serial number will have to be entered on every page of the question paper. So that information about its series can be obtained when needed. The boxes for bringing and taking the question paper will have tamper proof multi layer packaging. Sufficient time will be given for setting the question paper. The agency printing the question paper will be regularly inspected by the Controller of Examinations.

Ban on carrying mobile and camera in printing press.

Complete confidentiality will be maintained in the selection of printing press. People coming to the press will be checked. It will be mandatory for everyone to have an ID card. No outsider will be allowed to enter the press. There will be a complete ban on carrying smartphones and cameras in the press. CCTV cameras will be installed around the press and its recording will be kept safe for 1 year.


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