Paytm UPI Lite Wallet : No hassle of entering PIN every time for UPI payment, load up to ₹ 4,000 in wallet daily, know the method


Paytm UPI Lite Wallet: Users of Paytm UPI Lite Wallet can do transactions up to Rs 500 without entering UPI PIN. Maximum Rs 2000 can be added twice a day in UPI Lite.

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Are you tired of entering your PIN again and again for every small UPI payment you make? If yes, then UPI Lite Wallet can help you. Through this you can make payment without UPI PIN. Many UPI apps in the country provide such services. In this connection, you can use Paytm UPI Lite Wallet. Through this you can complete UPI transactions quickly and easily.

One97 Communications Limited (OCL), the company that operates Paytm, said on Monday that they are now focusing on UPI Lite wallet to migrate users who prefer to use the wallet for low value everyday payments. We do. Paytm UPI Lite acts as an on-device wallet, allowing users to store funds and make payments. It provides fast payment facility. It does not require any PIN and it never fails.

Maximum transaction of Rs 500 possible at a time without UPI PIN.
Paytm UPI Lite Wallet users can make transactions up to Rs 500 without entering UPI PIN. This will make the payment process easier and faster. Maximum Rs 2000 can be added twice a day in UPI Lite. In this way, by using this feature you can load a maximum of Rs 4 thousand in a day.

How to activate UPI Lite in Paytm

  • First open Paytm app
  • After this tap on UPI Lite Activate icon on Paytm home page.
  • After this select the eligible bank account for UPI LITE
  • Enter the amount to be added to UPI LITE
  • Validate the UPI PIN by entering it. In this way UPI Lite account will be created.
  • Once UPI LITE account is created, you can make UPI payment without entering PIN.

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