Pension Application: Pension of 50 thousand rupees a month, chance till May 3 … Apply like this in 5 minutes


Higher Pension Application Process: Discussions about Higher Pension intensified once again, because May 3 is very close, and this is the last date to apply. In such a situation, people are still confused about higher pension.

Who should choose this scheme for higher pension? Who else should be ignored? Apart from this, the biggest question in the mind of the people is about how to apply. Do you have to contact your employer? Today we will tell you the easy ways to apply, so that you can apply sitting at home. Apart from this, we will try to answer every question related to it.

Actually, there are 2 accounts for every EPFO ​​member, the first is Employees’ Provident Fund (EPF) and the second is Employees’ Pension Scheme (EPS) in which the pension amount is deposited. Every month 12 percent amount is deducted from the basic and DA of the employee and deposited in EPF.

The same amount is also deposited by the employer. But it is necessary to understand a little here, because the entire contribution of the employer does not go into the EPF account. Out of 12 percent of the employer, 8.33 percent goes to the EPF account, while 3.67 percent goes to the EPS account. But on opting for higher pension, there is a change in the employer’s contribution, about which you will know in detail below. First of all, let me tell you that the technical name of Higher Pension is (EPS-95).

What is EPS-95?

Answer- The government had implemented a new law in the year 1995 in the interest of the employees working in the private sector. The purpose of this law is that those working in the private sector can get the benefit of pension. It came into force in 1995 and is linked to pension. That’s why it is named EPS-95.

When this law was made, at that time the maximum wage for contribution to the pension fund was fixed at Rs 6,500. It was later increased to Rs 15,000. That is, 8.33 percent of this amount goes to the pension fund. Meanwhile, a change was made in the year 2014, after which the employee got an exemption of 8.33 per cent pension fund contribution on the total amount of his basic and DA.

Question- How to apply for more pension? (Most of the questions are being asked…)

Answer- If you choose the option of higher pension, then you can contact the HR of the place where you work. If you want to apply yourself, then you can apply for higher pension by visiting EPFO’s website. The process is very simple. You can visit this link ( and you will have two options in front of you.

If the employee has retired before 01/09/2014, and wants higher pension, then choose the first option. Whereas if you are not retired yet i.e. working then choose the second option. As soon as the working employees click on the second option, the Registration Request form will open in front of them. In which details including UAN, Aadhaar will have to be filled. As soon as you submit the form, you will go to the employer for confirmation, are you employed or not? Contribution for higher pension will start as soon as permission is received from the employer. You can apply online in 5 minutes.

Most people are confused about the fact that they have not yet been given any information from the employer regarding higher pension. But the reality is that the employer has only this role to give consent to work in the institute on the option of higher pension chosen by you.

Rest you can apply for higher pension online by yourself. There is facility offline also, for this you can go to EPFO ​​office of your area. Not only this, EPFO ​​is organizing camps for higher pension in different parts of the country. Where you can fill the form.