Petrol Diesel Price Today: New fuel prices released for Friday, check fuel price in your cities


Oil companies have released the prices of petrol and diesel for June 21. These prices are updated daily. Fuel prices vary in every city in India because oil companies levy taxes on them. In such a situation, if you want to fill your vehicle’s tank, then definitely check the price this time.

Like every day, oil companies have updated the new prices of petrol and diesel. These prices vary in every city because tax is levied on them. The crude oil sold globally has a direct impact on petrol and diesel and its prices are affected.

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Currently, there is no change in the fuel prices in the country and these prices are stable. If you also want to travel a lot to avoid this scorching heat, then check the fuel prices in your city before filling your vehicle’s tank.

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Petrol and diesel price in metro cities

Petrol and diesel prices in Delhi are Rs 94.76 and Rs 87.66 per litre respectively.

On the other hand, if we talk about Mumbai, then petrol is being sold at Rs 104.19 per liter and diesel at Rs 92.13 per liter.

In Chennai, the price of petrol is Rs 100.73 and diesel is Rs 92.32. Whereas in Kolkata, one liter of petrol is available for Rs 103.93 and diesel for Rs 90.74.

Petrol and diesel rates in other cities

Noida: Petrol is Rs 94.81 per litre and diesel is Rs 87.94 per litre.

Gurugram : Petrol is Rs 95.18 per litre and diesel is Rs 88.03 per litre.

Chandigarh: Petrol is Rs 94.22 per litre and diesel is Rs 82.38 per litre.

Bengaluru : Petrol is Rs 102.84 and diesel is Rs 88.92 per liter.

Hyderabad : Petrol is Rs 107.39 per liter and diesel is Rs 95.63 per liter.

Jaipur : Petrol is Rs 104.86 per liter and diesel is Rs 90.34 per liter.

Patna : Petrol is Rs 105.16 per liter and diesel is Rs 92.03 per liter.

Lucknow : Petrol is Rs 94.63 per liter and diesel is Rs 87.74 per liter.

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