Railway issued New Guidelines: Railway’s gift to senior citizens, know here the new guideline

Indian Railways: Everyday lakhs of passengers travel from one place to another with the help of Indian Railways. Railways also continuously upgrade their services for them. Similarly, IRCTC also makes new rules and simplifies old rules.

However, many passengers still keep making various complaints. Similarly, senior citizens complain that they do not get the lower berths easily.

Recently a Twitter user tweeted, ‘I booked a ticket for my uncle last evening (PNR 2448407929) in which I had opted for lower berth in first preference as he has a leg amputated and he wanted upper or middle berth. are on I can’t travel But despite this I got an upper berth.

book like this

In response to this tweet, IRCTC explained why the person did not get the bottom berth. IRCTC said in the tweet, ‘Sir, PNR no. 2448407929 has been booked under general quota. You can give preference to lower berths in general quota but allotment of berths is subject to availability. After this you have to choose ‘Reservation Choice Book only if lower berth is allotted’.

In another tweet, IRCTC further wrote, ‘Please note that allotment of lower berths in General Quota is completely subject to availability and there is no manual intervention. Also, you can approach the on duty TTE who is authorized to provide vacant lower berths to the needy.

What do the rules say?

According to the rules, six lower berths per coach in sleeper class and three lower berths in AC-3 tier and quota for senior citizens in AC-2 tier in all trains with sleeping class has been fixed. Wherein, if any lower berth remains vacant after departure of the train, it can be done on the request of a disabled person, senior citizen or pregnant woman, who has got upper or middle berth. On-board ticket checking staff may allot such lower seats by making necessary changes in the chart.