RBI New Guideline: RBI’s new guideline regarding coins of five and ten rupees, check new guideline


A situation of confusion has arisen regarding the circulation of coins in the market. A situation of dispute is being created on the day the shopkeepers do not take coins in the market.

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Traders are refusing to accept coins, while in some banks after they have been returned, shopkeepers in the market are also flatly refusing to accept them. The shopkeepers are refusing to take coins saying that even bigger shopkeepers are not taking coins than them, in such a situation they have already stocked up, while there is reluctance to deposit coins in the bank.

In such a situation, they have also stopped taking coins. At the same time, fifty paise, one, two and five rupees coins worth more than lakhs of rupees are stuck with shopkeepers and people in the district market.

No bank can refuse to accept coins-

The manager of Bank of Baroda says that no bank can refuse to take coins. No coin has been taken out of circulation by RBI. If any shopkeeper refuses to accept the coin, the concerned customer can take action against him.

The Superintendent of the District Post Office says that no coin issued by the RBI has been taken out of circulation. If any account holder brings coins to the post office, they are deposited. From there the coins are deposited in RBI. So far no case of post office coins not being accepted has come to the fore.

The crisis faced by the priests

Most of the coins of one and two rupees come in the form of offerings in the temples of the district. At the same time, when the donation box is opened, more coins come out in it too. In such a situation, the shopkeepers refuse to take them when they are taken to the market. In such a situation, the priests are consuming them in other districts.

Provision of Punishment-

Under sections 489A to 489E of the Indian Penal Code, counterfeit printing of notes or coins, circulation of counterfeit notes or coins and refusal to accept genuine coins is an offence. Under these sections, there is a provision of monetary fine, imprisonment or both by any legal court. In such a situation, if someone refuses to take the coin from you, then action can be taken with the necessary proof.

This is the rule of RBI-

No one can refuse to take the currency circulated by the Reserve Bank of India until it is announced by it to withdraw it. Because it is a violation of the law. Refusal to accept Reserve Bank currency is an offense punishable under section 124A. He said that insulting the national currency is an offense of the category of sedition, in which there is a provision of punishment ranging from three years to life imprisonment under section 124A of the Indian Penal Code. Court can also impose fine on such accused.

Can this be an action?

If any person refuses to take any coin (if the coin is in circulation) then an FIR can be lodged against him. Action will be taken against him under sections of the Indian Currency Act and IPC. The matter can also be complained to the Reserve Bank. After this, action can be taken against the shopkeeper or whoever is refusing to take the coins.

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