Rules Change From May 2023: These four big rules from Bank, LPG to GST are going to change from May, see list here


New Rule From May 2023: From May onwards things like GST to LPG, CNG and PNG may change. Its effect will be directly on your pocket and the budget of the month can get spoiled.

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The month of May is going to start in a few days. In such a situation, like every month, many big changes are going to happen this month too. Rules like LPG, GST and ATM are going to change.

Here 4 big rules are being told, which are going to change from May 1. Let us know how much burden this will increase on your pocket.

There may be a change in the price of CNG as well. If good results come during the review from natural gas companies, then it can be cut.

From May 1, the biggest change is going to happen regarding GST. Under this change, now businessmen with turnover of more than 100 crores will have to upload the receipt of their GST transaction on the Invoice Registration Portal (IRP) within seven days. If the upload is not done then fine will have to be paid.

Oil companies review at the end of the month, due to which it is expected that the price of LPG gas price will change. However, for the last few months, there is a change in the price of commercial cylinders. There has been no change in the price of domestic gas. There is a possibility that this time it may change. On April 1, the price of commercial gas was cut by Rs 91.50.

The new rule is also going to be applicable for the PNB account holder. If a PNB account holder who does not have enough money in his account and still does the transaction, then Rs 10 and GST will be charged from him.

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