Samsung Strike: Strike started in Samsung, 31000 employees stopped work, know everything


Samsung Workers: A major strike has started in Samsung, the world’s leading smartphone and electronic device manufacturer. About 31000 workers in South Korea went on an indefinite strike simultaneously from Wednesday.

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The largest union of Samsung Electronics has called for this strike. Earlier, the employees had called for a three-day partial strike. Due to non-fulfillment of demands, they have decided to go on a long strike. This strike of Samsung can have a bad impact all over the world.

Members of the company’s largest union NSEU went on strike

According to a CNN report, The National Samsung Electronics Union (NSEU) said that about 6000 employees working in the semiconductor division started a strike earlier this week. Now about 31 thousand people have joined it. A quarter of Samsung’s total employees are members of NSEU. All of them have demanded better salary and working conditions. The union warned that if Samsung does not start talks soon, they will have to regret it a lot.

Despite good financial condition, staff is not getting benefits

Soon Woomok, a union leader, said that it would take a lot of time to restart the factories closed due to the strike. Samsung had claimed that due to the boom in artificial intelligence, its operations would grow by about 1450 percent year-on-year in the second quarter. Also, the company’s profit increased 10 times in the first quarter of 2024. However, workers allege that the effect of such a good financial condition is not visible on their salary.

Samsung agrees to hold talks with employees

The union leaders said that the company is not treating its employees well. For the last 10 years they have been telling us the same story that there is a crisis situation at present. Apart from this, the company has also cut performance bonuses on a large scale. On the other hand, Samsung said that it is ready to hold talks with the employees. We will ensure that this strike does not affect our production.


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