Toll Tax Rules: These 25 people do not have to pay toll tax anywhere in the country, check the list


Toll Tax Rules: At present the number of advanced and hi-tech expressways is increasing rapidly in the country. After Delhi-Mumbai Expressway, PM Modi inaugurated many expressways. Many facilities are being provided on these expressways and the travel time has also been reduced to half. Now if we get such an amazing road, then obviously toll tax will have to be paid. But let us tell you one more thing, there are some people who do not have to pay any tax at the toll point. Today in our news regarding toll tax, we are going to tell you which 25 people do not have to pay toll tax.

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Roads are the lifeline of development of any country. Roads and highways are the property of any country. Therefore their maintenance is also very important. Just as we take care of other assets of the country, we also take care of roads and highways. But for the maintenance of the highways and roads of the country, we have to invest more and more assets in it.

Roads also become important because through these roads people can easily move from one city to another or from one city to another. Whenever you go by road, you definitely have to stop at the toll tax on the way. Permission to proceed is given only after paying toll tax. Now what are these toll taxes, why are they charged and how are their rates decided?

Why is toll tax taken?

Toll tax is used for maintenance and construction of roads etc. Through this fee the government plans the construction and maintenance of highways and expressways.

Is road tax and toll tax the same?

If this question also comes to your mind, then know that road tax and toll tax are different. Road tax is charged by RTO when you use different roads in the same state. Whereas toll tax is charged for using inter state highways.

NHAI has also provided the facility to pay toll tax easily and quickly using technology. Its name is FASTag, it is installed on the inside side of the glass of the vehicle. With this, the toll amount is taken directly from the account of the vehicle owner and he is allowed to cross the toll without waiting.

How is the toll tax rate decided?

Toll tax rate depends on many things. This includes the purchase price of the vehicle, engine capacity, seating capacity of people, etc. Apart from this, the rate of toll tax collected also changes if the distance of the highway is about 60 km or more or less. In the month of April this year, the government had increased the prices of toll tax. According to this, the toll tax of light vehicles was increased by Rs 10 and the toll tax of heavy vehicles was increased by Rs 65.

Which 25 people do not have to pay toll tax?

Toll tax or toll is the fee that motorists have to pay while crossing certain interstate expressways, tunnels, bridges and other national and state highways. These roads are called toll roads and are under the control of the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI).

Toll taxes are used to fund road construction and maintenance. Therefore, it covers the cost of newly constructed toll roads by levying toll taxes. The Government of India has introduced Fastag which uses RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology for cashless toll tax payment.

However, according to the National Informatics Center (NIC), there is a list of people and vehicles exempted from payment of toll tax as per Rule 11 of the National Highway Fee (Determination of Rates and Collection) Rules, 2008. .

– President of India

– Vice President of India

– prime minister of India

– Governor of a state

-Chief Justice of India

– Speaker of the Lok Sabha

-Union Cabinet Minister

– Chief Minister of a state

– Supreme Court Judge

– Union Minister of State

– Lieutenant Governor of a Union Territory

– Chief of Staff who holds the rank of full general or equivalent rank

– Chairman of the Legislative Council of a state

– Speaker of the Legislative Assembly of a state

-Chief Justice of the High Court

– High Court Judge

– Member of Parliament

– Army Commander of the Chief of Army Staff and equivalent in other services
– Chief Secretary of a State Government within the concerned State

– Secretary, Government of India

– Secretary of the Council of States
– Secretary, Lok Sabha

– Foreign dignitaries on state visit

A member of the Legislative Assembly of a State and a member of the Legislative Council of a State within his or her respective State, if he or she presents his or her identity card issued by the respective Legislature of the State.

A person awarded the Param Vir Chakra, Ashok Chakra, Mahavir Chakra, Kirti Chakra, Vir Chakra, and Shaurya Chakra, if the recipient of such award produces his/her photo identity card duly certified by the appropriate or competent authority for such award.

However, there are other categories which are exempted from toll tax. In which central and state armed forces are in uniform. This includes paramilitary forces and police, an executive magistrate, fire department or organization, use as ambulance, use as funeral van, mechanical vehicles which are specially designed and manufactured for the use of a person suffering from physical disability .

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