Training Center Rule Change: Road Transport Ministry has changed the rules for training center, test will have to be given to get license of two wheelers


The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has implemented a new rule related to recognized Driver Training Centers. With the implementation of this order, it has been made mandatory for two wheeler drivers to give driving test for getting license. In the past, there was a rule to make a license without giving a practical test. It has been amended.

Accredited Driver Training Centers are being opened across the country as per the guidelines of the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways. In this, the trainee will be taught to drive the vehicle from the simulator. After taking the training, the center will give a certificate to the trainee. On the basis of this certificate, a license can be made in the RTO office. That is, the person taking training from here will not need to give the test in the RTO office.

This change in the rule

Earlier, there was no need to give the test after taking training from simulator for two wheeler and four wheeler or all other types of vehicles. But according to the new rule issued by the Ministry of Road Transport, it has been made mandatory to test driving a vehicle for the license of two wheelers. That is, the test will have to be given in practical and theoretical form. Only after passing this test will the driving license of two wheelers be made.

Expert said, so the rule was changed

Bus and Car Operators Confederation of India (CMVR) chairman Gurmeet Singh Taneja said that there is no need to balance in four wheelers or bigger vehicles, but balance has to be made in two wheelers. The trainee can drive the vehicle from the simulator, but training to make balance is not done, so training with two wheelers in the field has been made mandatory.