Vande Bharat Sleeper Train: Vande Bharat sleeper train is ready, know when it will be launched


Vande Bharat Sleeper Train: The sleeper version train of Vande Bharat is going to be launched soon. This modern train coach of Indian Railways is ready. The metro train is also going to run soon.

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Vande Bharat Sleeper Train: Vande Bharat Express train is being run in different parts of the country. Indian Railways is running chair car train of Vande Bharat Express, but now its new version sleeper Vande Bharat Express is going to run soon. Besides, Vande Metro train will also be introduced soon.

When will Vande Bharat sleeper train be launched?

Sleeper Vande Bharat Express train and Vande Bharat Metro train will run in different cities of India. Integral Coach Factory General Manager BG Mallya said that they will launch the sleeper version of Vande during this financial year. He said that Vande Metro will also be launched in this financial year.

Ready to become a coach

Mallya said that for non-AC passengers, non-AC push pull train will be launched on October 31. It will have 22 coaches and one locomotive. He said that Vande Bharat is ready to become a sleeper train coach. At the same time, metro coaches are being prepared.

How many coaches will there be in the sleeper train?

Mallya said that a total of 16 coaches will be added to the train, which will include 11 3 tier coaches, four 2 tier coaches and 1 first tier coach. This train will run for a distance of one thousand or more. He said that the train has been prepared and will be launched before March 31, 2024.

In how many colors will Vande Sleeper Train come?

Currently, Vande Bharat sleeper train has been introduced in two colours. Earlier it was introduced in white and blue and later it was introduced in orange color. Mallya said that now Vande Bharat sleeper train will not be brought in any new colour. It will be presented in the old color only.

When will Vande Metro be launched?

Mallya said that Vande Metro train will be launched by the end of this calendar year. Regarding the launching, he said that it will be launched during January and February.

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