1000 Rupees Note: Will 1000 rupee note come into circulation again? RBI Governor gave big information


2000 Rupees Note: RBI has decided to take 2000 rupee notes out of circulation. Will the government (Central Government) re-issue the 1000 rupee note after the 2000 rupee note is out?

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Reserve Bank Governor Shaktikant Das has informed that there is no plan to reintroduce 1000 rupees notes. Further, he said that at present people are speculating at this time, but the government does not have any such plan at this time.

1000 rupee note was closed in 2016

Giving information, the RBI said that in November 2016, the government put out the notes of 500 and 1000 rupees. After the demonetisation done at that time, people had to face a lot of trouble. After this demonetisation, the government had issued a note of 2000 rupees, but now once again it has been decided to take this note out of circulation.

The purpose of bringing 2000 rupee note was fulfilled
RBI said that at that time there was a need of 2000 rupee note in the system. At present, notes of other denominations are available in sufficient quantity and the purpose of bringing 2000 rupee notes has also been fulfilled, due to which its printing was also stopped in the year 2018-19.

Time is 4 months

Talking to the media, Shaktikanta Das said that no one needs to worry much to change the 2000 rupee note. Apart from this, there is no need to crowd the banks. You have 4 months time, you can exchange these notes from the bank till 30 September. He said that the effect of the closure of 2000 rupee note will be very less on the economy. He said that Rs 2,000 notes are only 10.8 per cent of the total currency in circulation.

Notes can be changed till September 30

Shaktikanta Das said that we hope that by the deadline of September 30, most of the 2,000 notes will be returned. Das said there is already enough cash in the system. Not only the Reserve Bank, there is enough cash in the currency chests operated by the banks. nothing to worry about. The Reserve Bank is sensitive to the problems of the people. If people face any kind of problem, the central bank will bring regulation if needed.

Opposition targets the government

Senior Congress leader P Chidambaram while targeting the government said that after the Rs 2000 note is out of circulation, the government will once again issue a note of Rs 1000 and on this matter anyone There will be no surprise.

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