Old Pension Scheme: old pension will be restored new pension will be canceled, they will get benefit


Old Pension Update: If you yourself are a government employee or there is a government employee in your family, then this news is useful for you.

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The officers and employees who got the job from the recruitment advertisement issued by the Union Ministry of Personnel till December 22, 2003, are considered entitled to old pension. In this, both IAS officers and employees are entitled to pension. The option of 31 August 2023 has been given for its application. According to the letter sent by Sanjeev Narayan, Additional Secretary, Union Ministry of Personnel, the Personnel Department of UP has started the work.

10 percent deduction from employee’s salary

Let us tell you that from January 2004, the New Pension Scheme (NPS) system was started for government employees in the country by abolishing the old pension. Under NPS, 10 percent is deducted from the salary of the employee. The old pension has the facility of GPF, but it is not there in the new pension.

For some time, the demand to implement the old pension in the states and the center is gaining momentum. It has been restored by some state governments. In such a situation, the letter from the Union Ministry of Personnel is going to give relief to the employees.

The Personnel Department of UP is sending a letter to the concerned departments,
according to the letter of the Ministry of Personnel, employees of the Central Armed Forces will not come under its ambit. The Personnel Department of UP is sending a copy of this letter to the concerned departments of the government.

Those who come under its purview have been given the option to select the option till 31 August 2023. In a letter issued by the Ministry of Personnel, it was told that under the advertisement issued for government recruitment till December 22, 2003, continuous applications are being received for giving old pension to those recruited after January 2004.

That’s why it has been considered to give the benefit of old pension to the officers and employees who got jobs on the basis of advertisement till 2003. For this the option has been given by the government. If someone wants to enroll himself under old pension, then he has to select its option. If an employee does not select this option till the due date, then he will get the benefit of NPS only. If someone opts for old pension, then by 31 October 2023, their NPS account will be closed by issuing an order.

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