4 topics to avoid at workplace

As an employee, one is expected to maintain a warm and a cordial relationship with the peer group. However, we don’t realise that while maintaining this bond, once should be mindful of not over stepping your zone.

At work, one should not talk about these topics:

Physical appearance
While working, you may observe that your colleagues have reduced weight or gain weight or have a change in their appearance. It could be a compliment for a person to hear about weight loss provided the person is genuinely going through some weight loss routine. These physical changes could also be because of anxiety, personal problems or workload. So, such questions should be avoided.

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Finances and pay
In an office topic related to finances and pay should be strictly avoided as many people find it a bit uncomfortable discussing their finances.

Religious views
There may be a section of employees in an organisation who don’t observe religious sanctums. Hence talking to them about religious holidays or practices is pointless. In order to boost an inclusive work culture, keeping religious conversations away is a good option.

Children and marriage
This is one of the toughest questions for people in the organisation and especially women.

It may be inappropriate to suddenly ask about children and marriage as this could get awkward for many. There might be some employees who wouldn’t want to disclose about their life and family, or maybe they would be having some other personal preferences. Thus, it’s better to avoid such a critical conversation and have a friendly talk with the peer group.

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