7th Pay Commission: DA of central employees will increase by 5% on New Year ? see calculator


7th Pay Commission News: The results of assembly elections have been released in 5 states of the country. In this election, BJP has got a resounding victory in 3 big states – Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Rajasthan.

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With this success of BJP, not only the stock market is excited but the expectations of the central employees have also increased. It is believed that dearness allowance i.e. DA can be increased by 5 percent for the first half of the year starting from January 2024. If this happens, the DA of central employees will cross the 50 percent mark. This will also increase the HRA i.e. House Rent Allowance (HRA) of central employees.

Why expect a 5 percent increase?

According to the data of AICPI index till the month of October, the index is at 138.4 points. There is a rise of 0.9 points in the index as compared to a month ago. Although the data for the months of November and December is awaited, but looking at the pattern so far, it is estimated that the biggest increase till date in dearness allowance from January to June 2024 can be seen.

Let us tell you that the score of dearness allowance is decided by the AICPI index. The data of different sectors in the index shows how much inflation is and in comparison to this, how much the allowance of central employees needs to be increased.

Hope also because of elections

Experts believe that there are many favorable circumstances in the first half of the year 2024 due to which a 5 percent allowance increase can be expected. In fact, Lok Sabha elections are also going to be held in the first half. Keeping this election in mind, the government can increase the allowance of central employees by 5 percent.

Let us tell you that the number of central employees is more than 50 lakh, while the number of pensioners is also around 64 lakh. This means that the government’s decision of 5 percent increase will affect more than 1 crore people. This is also a strong figure from the election point of view.

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