Delhi airport is going to increase these fees


Delhi Airport running cis planning to increase the fee charged from Airlines. In such a situation, it is possible that air travel tickets from Delhi may increase in the coming days. What is this whole matter after all…

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Delhi International Airport Limited (DIAL), the operator of Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport, has planned to collect a little extra from the airlines. In fact, many airlines keep their planes parked in the ‘plane parking space’ of Delhi airport. DIAL has planned to increase the parking fees of these aircraft.

DIAL says that these planes of the airlines have not been flying for a long time and are, in a way, out of service. Therefore, it has planned to charge more from the airlines for such long standing aircraft, as these aircraft occupy the parking space of the airport and this creates problems in the operation of flights at the airport.

The planes are just standing in the parking lot

Recently, engine problems were found in the planes of many airlines. This includes Airbus aircraft with Pratt & Whitney engines. Due to this, even airlines like ‘Go First’ have reached the verge of closure. At the same time, technical faults have been seen in many aircraft of Indigo and Air India and the number of such cases is increasing. These planes occupy the parking space of the airport.

DIAL spokesperson said that at present about 64 aircraft of different airlines including IndiGo, SpiceJet and Air India are standing idle at Delhi airport. These include 24 aircraft of Indigo, 6 of SpiceJet, 2 of Air India and one aircraft of Alliance Air. At the same time, 23 aircraft of airlines Go First, 5 of Zoom Air and 3 of Jet Airways, which have stopped operations, are also parked at the airport. Whereas there are 295 parking spaces for planes at Indira Gandhi International Airport (IGAI).

Higher parking fees will be collected

DIAL CEO Videh Kumar Jaipuriar says that in the coming days, when we will review the aircraft traffic at the airport, then we will consider charging some more fees from the airlines who keep the aircraft parked here for more than a certain time limit. May go. Traffic at Delhi airport will now be reviewed early next year.

If parking fees for airlines are increased. Then it is possible that people may have to pay a little more fare for air travel, because the company can compensate this extra expense from the customers. Anyway, ‘airport charges’ are an essential part of the air travel ticket.

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