Administration Expenses of -‘Employees Deposit-linked Insurance’


EPFO has issued a notification under which EPF  admin charges has been reduced to 0.65 percent from 0.85 percent earlier. Earlier EPFO had reduced the charges from 1.10 percent to 0.85 percent from 01.01.2015.
The new rate of 0.65 percent is applicable on contribution for the month of April-2017 ,so you have to pay 0.85 percent for the contribution of March-2017.

Present  Contribution under Employee Pension Scheme (EPS), Employees’ Provident Fund (EPF) and Employee Deposit Linked Insurance (EDLI) Scheme.


Present Rates of Contribution under Employee Pension Scheme (EPS), Employees’ Provident Fund (EPF) and Employee Deposit Linked Insurance (EDLI) Scheme

EPF contribution
EMPLOYEE 12% /10%  0 0 0 0
EMPLOYER Difference of EE
share and Pension
8.33% 0.5% 0.85% !![w.e.f. 01-01-2015] 0.01%


10% rate is applicable for:-

  • Any establishment in which less than 20 employees are employed.
  • Any sick industrial company and which has been declared as such by the Board for Industrial and Financial Reconstruction
  • Any establishment which has at the end of any financial year, accumulated losses equal to or exceeding its entire net worth and
  • Any establishment in following industries:-

(a) Jute (b) Beedi (c) Brick (d) Coir and (e) Guar gum Factories.

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Contribution is rounded to the nearest rupee for each employee, for the employee share, pension contribution and EDLI contribution. The Employer Share is difference of the EE Share (payable as per statute) and Pension Contribution.

!! Monthly payable amount under EPF Administrative charges is rounded to the nearest rupee and a minimum of Rs 500/- is payable.

Note:- If the establishment has no contributory member in the month, the minimum administrative charge will be Rs 75/-

Monthly payable amount under EDLI Administrative charges is rounded to the nearest rupee and a minimum Rs 200/-is payable.

Note:- If the establishment has no contributory member in the month, the minimum administrative charge will be Rs 25/-

In case Establishment is exempted under PF Scheme, Inspection charges @0.18%, minimum Rs 5/- is payable in place of Admin charges.

In case the Establishment is exempted under EDLI Scheme, Inspection charges @ 0.005%, minimum Re 1/- is payable in place of Admin charges.



1. Contribution to be paid on up to maximum wage ceiling of 15000/- even if PF is paid on higher wages.

2. Each contribution is to be rounded to nearest rupee. (Example for each employee getting wages above 15000, amount will be 75/-)

 3. EDLI contribution to be paid even if member has crossed 58 years age and pension contribution is not payable. This is to be paid as long as the member is in service and PF is being paid.


  • The EPF contributions are payable on maximum wage ceiling of Rs 15000/- by employee and employer.
  • The employee can pay EPF contributions at a higher rate and in such case employer is not under any obligation to pay at such higher rate.
  • To pay EPF contribution on higher wages, a joint request from Employee and employer is required [Para 26(6) of EPF Scheme]. In such case employer has to pay administrative charges on the higher wages (wages above 15000/-)
  • For an International Worker, wage ceiling of 15000/- is not applicable.


  • Contribution is payable out of the employer’s share of PF and no contribution is payable by employee.
  • Pension contribution not to be paid:

When an employee crosses 58 years of age and is in service (EPS members ceases on completion of 58 years).

When an EPS pensioner is drawing Reduced Pension and re-joins as an employee.

In both the cases the Pension Contribution @8.33% is to be added to the Employer Share of PF. (Pension contribution is not to be diverted and total employer share goes to the PF).

In case an employee, who is not existing EPF/EP member joins on or after 01-09-2014 with wages above Rs 15000/-

In these cases the pension contribution part will be added to employee share, EPF.

  • In all other cases Pension Contribution is payable. A member joining after 50 years age, if not a pensioner does not have choice of not getting the Pension Contribution on grounds that he will not complete 10 years of eligible service. The social security cover is applicable till he/she is a member.
  • For International Worker, higher wage ceiling of 15000/- is not applicable from 11-09-2010.

Note:- In case an existing EPS member (as on 01-09-2014)whose Pension contribution was paid erstwhile EPS wage ceiling of 6500/- contribution to contribution above Rs 15000/- wage ceiling from 01-09-2014 he will have to give a fresh consent and an amount of 1.16% on wages above 15000/- will have to be contributed by him in pension Fund (A/C No 10) through the employer.

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  1. Sir, I am not getting EPF and my salary is Rs. 20990/- per month and its a Autonomous Institute.
    I came to know that “Now a days PF is applicable Rs. 21000/- salaried employee” too is it true…?
    If yes “Why I am not getting EPF?

    Please suggest what to do next.

    • No sumanth, PF is common for all the organization which has more than 20 employee. So, you can check your organization strength and make sure that your organization enrolled with EPF or not.

      PF deduction will be 12% from your basic salary.

  2. Sir good morning
    I am 18 years service 2013 regain.
    I am 49year old.
    How many rupees pension
    And 50 year after pension.

  3. Sir, I am receiving Rs.2355/ as EPS since I completed 58 yrs. Now will I get Rs.20,000-25000 as eps pension onwards.

  4. Dear Sir
    I was working with Reliance Com Ltd but company shut down his operations on 30th Nov 2017.last 3 months i am continuosly chasing to company employee but they are not responding over mails as well as phone calls also. my UAN no also not registerd with EPF department.
    Please help me me and suggest what i will do.

    • in which city your Reliance com is situated and where is your EPF office if your pf office in Faridabad (Haryana )then call me 9560600939 i will help you

  5. ministry of labour should ensure security and stability of workers and those engaged in private organisations and institutions.There are a number of private medical and dental colleges in Greater Noida who are removing Highly qualified faculties, asking rather coercing them to resign without any positive reason and proper notice.
    Collecting EPF fund for Govt exchequer is secondary .Hopefully the ministies concerned will look into the matter immediately.

  6. Sir, I came to know that there is a High Court ruling where there is a provision of the employee to make a lumpsum payment of difference in the FPS was deducted on maximum of 6500/- and the Amount on which PF was deducted. By doing this the Family Pension amount after retirement would be much higher than 2500/- presently available.
    If this is correct, let me know how this voluntary contribution can be made. Through employer or directly by the employee.

  7. Kindly let me know in case of divorce womanany photo to be affixed on the application applied for retirement benefit.Husband photo. REgards

  8. Sir, i am working in a private school, I am 53. I have worked earlier in three other schools. Each school is having different EPF. Some they cut generally 1800.00 for all, some 700.00 and some 900. Why such difference. If EPF is 12% then that much the employer also should contribute. Why such differences in EPF?

  9. Rüyada yılan görmek ve onu öldürmek, rüya sahibinin yakında küçük bir zafer elde edeceğine tabir edilir.
    bu rüyayı gören eğer iftiraya maruz kalmışsa, haklı
    olduğu ispatlanacak şeklinde tabir edilir.

  10. Hi sir,I am working in a company where EpF amount of both employee’s and employer’s is deducted from the employee CTC. Percentage of amount deducted from both employer and employèe is 12%.Is it right to deducted same amount from both the end and also Is there any rules that both side deduction is included in CTC of employee.So please let me know sir.

  11. Hi !! Please guide me on my issue which I am facing since a long time. Issue is : Who is authorized and responsible to pay the EPFO admin charges and EDLI charges,the employee or the employer ? My employer is deducting EPFO admin charges and EDLI charges from my salary but not showing the same in my Payslip. Please suggest me, who’s lookout is this ? Whether it is employer’s lookout or employee must pay the same(EPFO admin charges and EDLI charges) from salary !! Please help me in providing the official notification or guideline or order by EPFO in this regard.

  12. I applied for EPF advance on 5th June, 2018 online vide form 31 and have seen EPF Advance money of Rs.65000/- has been debited from my EPF pass book but till date i have not received the EPF advance.

    Sir, without receiving the EPF advance why u are debiting the EPF advance from my EPF pass book. No EPF amount till date credited in my SB account. Pl. let me know.

  13. hii sir my office deducting 200rs extra while we are getting more thaan 15,000 rs , I don’t know why, can you please explain me, and pf amount also dedecuting upto 810rs

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