Big news for crores of bank customers, RBI released this list regarding banks, check quickly

Bank Holidays December 2022: If you also have any important work related to the bank or you are planning to go to the bank, then before that you must know that for how many days the bank will be closed in the month of December. Banks will not work for 13 out of 31 days in the month of December. The list of bank holidays has been issued by the Reserve Bank. Let us tell you on which days there will be no work in banks-

RBI issues the list
Every day the list of bank holidays is issued by the Reserve Bank. Keeping in mind the facilities of customers and employees, RBI releases the list of holidays in advance so that there is no problem. 

December Bank Holidays List 2022
>> December 3 – St. Xavier Feast – Bank Closed in Goa
>> December 4 – Bank Closed
– Nationwide >> December 10 – Second Saturday – Banks will be closed across the country
>> > December 11 – Sunday nationwide bank closure
>> December 12 – Pa-Tagan Nengminja Sangam – Bank closure in Meghalaya
>> December 18 – Sunday nationwide bank closure
>> December 19 – Goa Liberation Day – Bank closure in Goa
> > December 24 – Christmas and Fourth Saturday – Bank closure across the country
>> December 25 – Sunday bank closure across the country
>> December 26 – Christmas, Lasung, Namsung – Bank closure in Mizoram, Sikkim, Meghalaya
>> December 29 – Thursday Birthday of Gobind Singh ji – bank closed in Chandigarh
>> December 30 – U Kiang Nangwah – Bank closed in Meghalaya
>> December 31 – New Year’s Eve – Bank closed in Mizoram

Make planning by looking
at the list; In this complete list, state-wise holidays are included, so make a plan to go to the bank only after seeing the holiday in your city. IBI issues guidelines regarding holidays. Although you will be able to get the work of banks done online. 

Can use online banking
Let us tell you that customers can use internet banking and UPI all the time. Some holidays are national in banks which are valid for all banks. But many states also have regional holidays, these holidays depend on the festivals of the states. Talking at the national level, banks will be closed simultaneously on 3,4,10,11,18,24,25 in December.