D2M Networking: You will be able to watch movies on mobile without internet, know what is D2M Networking


D2M networking, which is being discussed a lot as device-to-metaverse networking. Central Department of Telecommunications, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting and IIT Kanpur have started the work.

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Telecom operators, chip manufacturers, network providers and handset makers are opposing this. Because their data revenue is sure to be affected by D2M. 80% of their traffic comes from videos. Let us know what is D2M networking? How does it work?

What is D2M networking?

D2M networking, or device-to-metaverse networking, is a new type of networking that allows devices to connect to each other in the metaverse. It allows devices to work together, communicate, and share data, creating a more complete metaverse.

D2M Networking: What are the benefits?

The first benefit: It allows devices to connect to each other more efficiently. This speeds up the transfer of data between devices and reduces the load on the network.

Another advantage: D2M networking allows devices to connect more securely. It uses strong security protocols to identify and authenticate devices.

The third advantage: D2M allows networking devices to function more autonomously. It allows devices to communicate with each other.

How does D2M networking work?

D2M networking is a mixture of broadband and broadcast. It uses the same technology as FM radio broadcasting, but offers the higher speeds and capacity of broadband. In D2M networking, devices communicate with each other using radio frequencies. For this, the 526-582 megahertz band will be used, which is currently used for TV transmitters.

Will be able to watch content for free

In June, IIT Kanpur published a white paper on D2M transmission and 5G convergence roadmap in the country. It said that using D2M network, broadcasters can provide regional TV, radio, education material, emergency alert system, disaster-related information, video and data-powered apps. These apps will run without internet and will be available at low cost.

There will be 100 crore smartphone users in India after 3 years

TV penetration in India is still limited. Only 21 to 22 crore families have TV. At the same time, the penetration of smartphones is very high. In 2023, more than 80 crore Indians will own a smartphone, which is expected to reach 100 crore by 2026. The government wants to take advantage of this increasing reach. It plans to reach more people by making TV content available on smartphones. This will enable the government to broadcast education and emergency services.

D2M networking can be used in apps like these

Metaverse: D2M networking can help make the metaverse a true place where people can connect with each other in a more natural way.

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR): D2M networking can help make AR and VR apps more coordinated.

Internet of Things (IoT): D2M networking can allow IoT devices to more easily connect with each other and share data.

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