DA : Double happiness can come for central employees, it can also increase with DA


The news of great happiness is coming out for the central government employees. In the coming days, the Modi government at the center can increase the HRA along with the increase in the DA of the government employees. Earlier, there was an increase in DA in March and an increase in HRA was seen two years ago in July 2021. At that time, the DA of government employees was seen at 25 per cent. At present, DA has reached a level, in such a situation, a change in HRA is also expected.

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HRA will increase

According to the report of Zee News, house rent allowance for government employees can be increased soon. If this is the case, then there will be a significant increase in the salary of the employees. The HRA of government employees is based on the type of city they are working in. It is categorized in three ways X, Y and Z. X, Y, and Z. At present, the HRA of the employees falling in the Z category is 9% of their basic.

How much will be the increase in HRA

According to the report, the HRA of government employees may soon increase by 3 percent. Central government employees in X class cities are likely to get a 3 per cent hike in their HRA, while those in Y class cities may get only a 2 per cent hike and employees in Z class cities may get 1 per cent hike in their HRA. There may be an increase.

DA will also increase

Central employees have been waiting for July 1 for a long time because that was the date when their dearness allowance was to get a big hike. From July, all central government employees may see an increase in their DA. DA of central employees may increase from 42 percent to 46 percent. This means that there can be a jump of 4 percent in DA. The DA score for the month of May has been released. According to the AICPI index, there has been an increase of 0.50 points in the May score.

How is DA calculated?

The DA of central government employees is fixed on the basis of All India Consumer Price Index (AICPI). AICPI numbers are released at the end of every month. Based on these numbers, the DA score is revised after every 6 months. The CPI (IW) till 2001 = 100 was at 134.7 in May, while it came down to 134.02 in April. There has been a big jump of 0.50 points in the AICPI index.


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