Dearness Allowance: After waiting for one and a half year, this file of employees included in the agenda of the cabinet

The way has been paved for the Central Government employees and pensioners to get Dearness Allowance ‘DA’ and Dearness Relief ‘DR’ from July 1. The file of ‘DA/DR’ has reached the agenda table of the Union Cabinet meeting.

According to sources, now that file is yet to be approved by the cabinet. Even before this, whenever that file has reached the table, DA/DR has been announced. This time the DA/DR may increase by four to five percent. At present, dearness allowance is being received at the rate of 34 per cent. If there is an increase of 4 per cent, the DA/DR rate will reach 38 per cent. The opposition is also continuously attacking the central government regarding inflation.

There is a fixed increase of 4-5 per cent in dearness allowance… The central government revises the rates of DA / DR twice in a year i.e. in January and July based on the data of retail inflation. If we talk about the current situation in the country, then inflation is increasing. Inflation level has reached above the estimates of ‘Reserve Bank of India’. Retail inflation has been above 7 per cent in June.

There was an increase of three per cent in ‘DA/DR’ since January this year. As a result, the DA/DR rate reached 34 per cent. Now from July 1, a hike of 4-5 per cent in dearness allowance is believed to be fixed. Data from the All India Consumer Price Index for Industrial Workers also predicts an increase of up to five per cent in DA/DR. After increasing the DA/DR by the central government, all the state governments also provide this benefit to their respective employees.

47 lakh workers and 63 lakh pensioners will be benefited The benefit of this increase will reach about 47 lakh central workers and 63 lakh pensioners. If the basic salary of an employee is Rs 18,000 and there is an increase of four per cent in DA, then according to the dearness allowance of 38 per cent, his salary will increase by about Rs 720. If the basic salary of the employee is 25 thousand rupees, then he will get a benefit of 1000 rupees per month. If the worker whose basic salary is 35 thousand rupees, then he will get 1400 rupees more per month.

The basic salary of Rs 45 thousand will increase by about Rs 1800. Such workers, who get a basic salary of Rs 52 thousand, will get a benefit of more than Rs 2000 every month on the increase in DA. An employee with a basic salary of Rs 70 thousand will get an increase of about Rs 2800, Rs 3420 on a basic salary of Rs 85,500 and an increase of more than Rs 4000 every month in the account of employees with a basic salary of Rs 1 lakh.