Delhi Metro Viral Video: Video of couple’s ‘dirty action’ at metro station goes viral on social media


    New Delhi: Every day strange videos go viral on social media, which are sometimes very funny and sometimes surprising as to how someone can do such a thing. One such video is going viral on social media, in which a middle-aged man is openly kissing a young girl. This video is from the metro station. Some young man recorded this from a moving metro. In the video, the girl is seen laughing and smiling with the middle-aged man.

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    This video has been shared on Instagram by a user named Amarjeet Tiwari. Share 4 days ago More than 27 thousand people have watched this video so far. He has shared this video tagging Delhi Metro.

    In the video, the young man is sitting on the platform near the pillar at the metro station, while the girl is standing in front of him. He is holding his girlfriend in his arms. He is kissing her again and again. The girl is yearning to get out of his arms. But she is unable to free him. Both of them are smiling a lot while doing such acts. This entire video is of about 31 seconds. Even before this, many videos of Delhi Metro have gone viral. Many times boys and girls cross all limits of morality.

    This video has been shared more than 2.42 lakh times on Instagram. In the video, the sound of metro announcement is coming from behind. There is a clear voice in this – Welcome to Delhi Metro. The user has turned off the comment section along with the video. For this reason comments cannot come on this.

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