Delhi NCR Metro : 6 new metro lines will be laid here in Delhi NCR in Phase 4, know where the stations will be built.


Two new corridors will be added in Phase-4 of Delhi Metro. Both these corridors have been approved by the Central Government. After the construction of this line, there will be interchange facility at every second-third station, which will benefit the people of many areas. Let us know about it in detail.

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The will be special. The biggest benefit of their construction will be that 8 new interchange stations will be added to the Delhi Metro network, which will connect different lines. This will also increase the reach of Metro and the number of passengers will also increase. Through these two lines, many other important commercial and administrative establishments of Delhi will also be connected to the metro network, which will make it much easier for people to travel to these places.

Especially important places like Delhi Secretariat, IGI Stadium, LNJP Hospital, Sarai Rohilla Railway Station, GK-1, Saket District Center will be directly connected to the Metro network, which will greatly benefit the people of Delhi. This will not only make movement in these areas easier, but will also benefit the commercial establishments operating here.

Sources believe that it may take 6 to 8 months to complete the tender process. In such a situation, the process of construction of these two corridors is expected to start by the end of this year or next year itself.

Work is already going on Phase-4

Work on the three primary corridors of Phase-4 is going on at a fast pace. These include Janakpuri West to Ramakrishna Ashram Marg, Majlis Park to Maujpur and Tughlakabad to Delhi Aerocity Corridor. Out of the remaining three corridors, two more corridors have now been approved. Among these, Indraprastha-Indralok corridor will prove to be very special and important in many ways.

This will be the first corridor of Delhi Metro which will have interchange facility at every other station. This will happen because out of the 10 new metro stations that will be built on this corridor which is only 12 km long, 5 stations will have interchange facilities. The new corridor to be built between Lajpat Nagar and Saket G Block will also be very special. The two stations at either end of this corridor will be interchanged.

After the Pink and Violet Line, with the addition of this new line, Lajpat Nagar will become a metro station with triple interchange like Kashmere Gate, while the station of Saket G Block will also be connected to the second station of the same name being built on the Tughlakabad-Aerocity line. . Similarly, interchange facility will be available at three places on Lajpat Nagar-Saket corridor.

The advantage of this will be that the number of interchange stations in the metro network will increase to more than 60. Currently, there are 54 interchange stations on 11 lines of Delhi Metro including Rapid Metro and Airport Metro in Delhi-NCR. After the construction of these two lines, the number of interchange stations will increase to 62. Also, in terms of number of interchange stations, Indraprastha-Indralok corridor will surpass Red, Green, Magenta, Grey, Airport Line and Rapid Metro, which have less than 5 interchange stations.

Work will start soon on both lines

According to the information received from the sources, after getting the approval, DMRC has now started the process of preparing pre-bid activities and tender documents to start the work on these two lines as soon as possible, so that after the completion of the tender process, these There should not be any delay in starting construction work on both the corridors. Under this, the necessary survey for shifting the pipelines and wiring etc. coming in the way of the metro line and the process of obtaining necessary clearance for construction from various agencies will also be included.

Why did the fourth phase of metro derail?

After waiting for almost five years, two more lines of the fourth phase of the metro have now received final approval. Still one line of this phase has to wait for approval. This phase has been disappointing for Delhi Metro, which once earned a name for its fast functioning. Clearly, the main reason for this is the lack of necessary synergy between governments and departments. In case of public interest and such expensive projects, there is a need to work away from politics, because delay not only delays the facilities provided to the people but also increases the cost of these projects. Departments should also expedite the process of approvals to ease the way for such projects.

Narela-Bawana-Kundli corridor is still pending

There was a proposal to build a total of 6 new corridors under Phase-4 of Delhi Metro. Of these, work is already underway on 3 corridors, while 2 corridors have now been approved. One corridor is still left. According to DMRC sources, the decision to extend the proposed corridor between Narela-Bawana-Rithala to Kundli in Haryana was taken last year. Because of this, now a new DPR of this entire corridor is being prepared.

Many new projects have also been started by DDA on the initiative of LG of Delhi in areas like Narela and Bawana. Under this, large scale residential, commercial and institutional development work is also going on here. In view of this, some changes in the alignment of the metro line are also possible. Since the DPR has not been finalized yet, this sixth and last corridor of Phase-4 has not been approved yet. Sources say that only after the DPR is approved, the government will consider this proposal and approve the corridor.

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