Diwali Bonus: Big Update! Government issued notification regarding bonus of central employees, check details immediately


Non-Productivity Linked Bonus Central Government Employees: Central employees have got a big gift from the central government. Bonus has been announced for the employees on Diwali.

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The employees of the Center will be given non-productivity linked bonus (ad-hoc bonus) by the Ministry of Finance. In this bonus, according to the salary of 30 days, money will be given to the employees. This includes Group C and Group B category employees of the Central Government.

Which employees will get the benefit?

Bonus will also be given to those non-gazetted central government employees coming in Group B and Group C. These are the employees who are not covered under any Productivity Linked Bonus Scheme. The benefit of the ad-hoc bonus will also be given to the employees of the central paramilitary forces. Apart from this, temporary workers will also get the benefit of this.

How will the ad hoc bonus be decided?

Bonus is added on the basis of the average salary of the employees, as per the calculated ceiling, whichever is less. Monthly bonus of 30 days will be equal to about one month’s salary. For example, if a worker is getting Rs 7000, then his monthly bonus for 30 days will be around Rs 6908.

In this, according to the calculation, 7000 * 30 / 30.4 = Rs 6907.89 (Rs 6908) will be made. The benefit of such bonus will be available only to those Central Government employees who have been in service on 31 March 2021. During the year 2020-21, continuous duty has been given for at least six months. Temporary employees appointed on adhoc basis will also get this bonus. However, there should be no break in service in the meantime.

These employees will also get bonus

Such employees who have been out of service, have resigned or have retired on or before 31 March 2022, will be treated as a special case. Under this, those employees who have retired or died illegally on medical grounds before March 31, but have done regular duty for six months in a financial year, will be considered eligible for ad-hoc bonus.

Bonus will be fixed on ‘Pro Rata Basis’ based on the nearest number of regular service of the concerned employee. In such a case, it becomes the responsibility of the borrowing organization to provide adhoc bonus, PLB, exgracia and incentive schemes etc.,

provided such provisions are in force. If an employee is in the grade of ‘C’ or above and is withdrawn from foreign service midway during the financial year, then the rule of adhoc bonus has been made in this regard.

Under this, if the parent department of that employee has received bonus and exgratia amount from the foreign department in the financial year, then that amount will be given to the employee concerned. Even after reverting, if the bonus is due from the central government of the worker, in such a situation, the central government can ban his adhoc bonus.

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