Driving Without DL: big news! Drive car bike or scooter without Driving Licence, Challan will not be deducted; do this work immediately

Driving Without DL: One thing is very clear that driving a motor vehicle without a Driving License is illegal in the country. If someone is caught doing this, his challan can be deducted. There is a challan of up to 5 thousand rupees for driving without a driving license. Driving a motor vehicle without a driving license is a violation of traffic rules.

Therefore, it is suggested to drive a motor vehicle only if you have a driving license. But, many times it happens with people that they get a driving license but forget to bring it with them while traveling with the vehicle. To avoid challan in such a situation, today we are going to tell you a wonderful trick.

If you forget to keep your driving license with you again and again, then you can keep it comfortably at home and download its soft copy in DigiLocker mobile app, which is a government app. DigiLocker mobile app has been released by the government focusing on Digital India.

The purpose of the DigiLocker app is to enable Indian citizens to carry their important documents in a paperless manner. You download your driving license in this. For this, you have to sign-up in the DigiLocker app and fill the required information. The DigiLocker app is available on both the Play Store and the Apple Store.

Once you have saved the soft copy of your DL in it, then there will be no tension, you can comfortably keep your DL at home. Then, whenever a policeman stops you while driving and asks you to show your driving license, you can show the copy of your DL saved in DigiLocker.