PhonePe, Google Pay users Alert! Being made a victim of fraud in such a new way


When it comes to digital payment platforms in India, the first names that come to mind are Phone Pay and Google Pay.

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But now scammers have found a way to dupe Google Pay and PhonePe users. Cybercriminals have looted around Rs 1 crore from 18 people in Mumbai in the last 16 days with the help of PhonePe and Google Pay fraud.

New type of fraud came in the market

According to media report, Till now people were made victims of fraud on the basis of KYC, PAN scan. But now a new type of bank fraud has emerged in the market, in which cybercriminals deliberately send money to your Google Pay or phone account. Then calls and says that money has been transferred to your account by mistake. In this way, you return the money by coming under his guise and then become a victim of hacking.

How account gets hacked

If you believe in cyber experts, then this is a kind of malware, in which some money is sent to you, then it is said to return the money by saying that it has been transferred by mistake. As soon as you withdraw the money, your Google Pay and PhonePe account gets hacked. It is a mix of human engineering and malware.

Antivirus is out of reach

Actually when a Google Pay or PhonePe user transfers funds, then his entire data like banking KYC document, PAN, Aadhaar card details get transferred. These documents are sufficient to hack any account. In this way you become a victim of bank fraud. According to experts, anti-malware software is not able to catch new malware due to the mix of human engineering and malware fishing plus. Thus it easily bypasses Google Pay and PhonePe safeguards.

Talking about this news, some experts and UPI apps say that this is not possible, because when a user links his bank account to a UPI app, the bank does not share any KY information with the UPI app. In such a situation, personal data such as KYC cannot be hacked from the UPI app. So there is no problem with PhonePe and Google Pay UPI app. When money is transacted through the UPI app, only the receiver amount and the sender’s UTR number are shared.

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