Employees Salary Increased: Good news for Government employees! salary will increase so much after the budget!

Salary Hike: Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman will present the general budget on 1 February. The general public hopes that Nirmala Sitharaman’s potli will bring them a gift of happiness.

But the Modi government can also give a big gift to the central employees after the budget. It is expected that there may be a change in the fitment factor of the salary of government employees. Actually the fitment factor is a common value, which is multiplied by the basic pay of the employees. This is how their salary is calculated. With this increase, the minimum salary of the employees will increase from Rs 18 thousand to Rs 26 thousand.

At present, the common fitment factor is 2.57 percent. That is, if an employee is getting Rs 15,500 as basic pay, then his salary will be Rs 15,500*2.57 or Rs 39,835. The Sixth CPC has advocated for the fitment ratio to remain at 1.86 per cent.

It was said in the reports, there is a demand from the government of the employees that the fitment factor should be increased to 3.68 percent. With this, the salary of the employees will increase from Rs 18,000 to Rs 26,000. For many years, the employee unions have been demanding an increase in the fitment factor from the government. He argues that even after the increase in DA, there should be an increase in the basic salary because the salary increases on this basis.

Government changed these rules

Recently, the Finance Ministry had changed the rules related to HRA i.e. House Rent Allowance of central employees. It was said in the new rules that in some cases government employees will not get HRA. In the first rule, it was said that if the employee shares the government accommodation given to another employee, then he will not get HRA.

Even if someone has allotted a house to the family members of the employee i.e. parents, son-daughter, then also this facility cannot be availed. This includes Central and State Government, LIC, Nationalized Bank, Public Sector Undertaking, Semi-Government Organization.