EPF Pension Withdrawal: Now You Will Not Be Able To Apply Form-10c Again

EPF Pension Withdrawal : Friends, as you would know that after 2 months of leaving the job, you can withdraw full money from your PF account, for which you have to submit online form 19 and 10c. After a few days, you get the full amount of PF and pension deposited in your PF account, but EPFO ​​has made a big update regarding full and final PF claim, which is bad news for PF members.


Friends, through form-19, the PF money is fully received with interest, but in most cases it has been seen that the correct amount of pension money is not credited in pension withdrawal through Form 10C, the calculation rules of pension amount behind this. is responsible Till earlier, if your pension money was less, then you could apply again by claiming Form 10c to get the remaining pension money, but now if you have withdrawn your pension money once through form-10c So you will not be able to claim Form 10c again, because as soon as you select CLAIM FORM (31,19,10C&10D) by going to the claim form option on the Online Services tab, you will get something like this and the online form page will not open

Why Does PF Pension Money Come Down?

Friends, by making full and final claim of your PF money which is shown in the passbook, the PF money comes only by means of Form 19, because interest is also added to the amount of PF till the date of withdrawal, but Calculation of pension amount also depends on your length of service and your basic salary and pension amount is calculated according to Table-D, the more service and higher the basic salary, the higher will be the pension amount. However, many times there is a mistake in the calculation of pension amount on the part of EPFO, due to which the PF pension money is less and this happens because the rule of calculation of pension amount is a bit curved.

Now Why Will You Not Be Able To Claim Pension Again Under Form 10c

Friends, if told correctly, EPFO ​​has not officially given any information in this matter, so there can be two reasons for this.

First Reason- Technical Issue

As you all know that many times some work is not done on Unified Member Portal due to some technical flaw, then it may also be a technical fault because there is no such update for form-19. and you can claim form-19 again.

Second Reason

Or maybe it is an update done by EPFO ​​and now form 10c cannot be claimed again, if the other reason is true then it is a bad news for pf members because if their pension money has come less Then he will not be able to claim again to get the rest of the money.