EPFO 5 New Update 2022: Know Complete Details About 5 New Updates Of EPFO

EPFO 5 NEW UPDATE 2022 : Friends have made many new updates on the Unified Member Portal in the beginning of 2022, about which every PF member needs to be aware, so in today’s post we will tell you about 5 new updates of EPFO. I will tell what has been done at the present time on the Unified Member Portal.

EPFO 5 New Update 2022

On the Unified Member Portal, PF members get the benefit of online services related to their PF account and can do many types of PF related work online while sitting at home. EPFO keeps making various updates on Unified Member Portal from time to time to make its facilities more simple and in the beginning of 2022 we got to see some such new updates on Unified Member Portal, where from Forward Password to If some new changes are seen till the Advance PF claim, then let’s know about those five new updates.

Exemption For PF Passbook And Advance PF Claim Without E-Nomination

Some time back EPFO ​​made e-nomination mandatory for viewing passbook and claiming advance PF. PF members who did not have e-nomination file in their UAN account were not able to view their PF passbook and were not able to claim advance PF under all types of advance para. But the Unified Member Portal of EPFO ​​was not able to work due to overload, in such a situation it was not possible to nominate crores of PF members of the country in a reasonable time, in view of this, EPFO ​​​​without e-nomination to view PF passbook and advance. Exemption has been given in claiming. Now you can view your passbook and submit advance PF claim without filing e-nomination.

Login Made Easy On Unified Member Portal

To login on the Unified Member Portal , one had to enter the captcha code along with the UAN number and password, but EPFO ​​has simplified the login process on the Unified Member Portal. According to the new process, now you can directly login by just entering your UAN number and password, you will not need to enter the captcha code. Apart from this, when you login to the Unified Member Portal, you will get to see a new update, only the UAN number and name will be shown in the member profile, all the other information has been hidden which you will be able to see by clicking on the + plus icon.

Download UAN Card Along With Pension Certificate And Scheme Certificate From Digi Locker DG Locker is a digital medium where you can access and download your various documents. Documents saved in DG Locker are valid everywhere, you do not need to carry physical documents with you. Before Digi locker, only UAN card facility was available but now PF members will be able to download scheme certificate and pension certificate from Digi locker.

No Last Date To File EPF Nomination

There was a competition all over the country regarding EPF e-nomination and everyone was busy in filing their e-nomination, so many such rumors also arose, in which the last date of e-nomination was told, but EPFO ​​did Refuting such reports, it has been told that no last date or deadline has been announced by EPFO ​​to file nomination in PF account.

Covid-19 Claim Is Not Being Settled In 72 Hours

One bad news for PF subscribers at present is that Kovid-19 Advance PF claim is currently not being settled within 72 hours, due to the lockdown in the Corona period 50% stops in PF office, In such difficult times, EPFO ​​made a new ADVANCE PARA of Outbreak of Kovid-19, under which Advance PF claim is automatically settled within 72 hours, but from the beginning of 2022, Kovid-19 Advance PF claim settlement in 72 hours It is not happening, behind which it is being told that there is some problem in the technique of automatic system of EPFO, due to which the claim is not being settled automatically.