EPFO ​​issued circular: To get more pension, you have to do this work quickly


EPS Pension Latest News: If you want to get more pension after retirement, then you have to do something new. Generally, pension fund money is deducted from the salary of public or private sector employees.

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This money is deposited in the Pension Fund out of the money that is deducted as contribution to Provident Fund (PF) from the salary of the employees. Now if an employee has to increase the amount of pension in his PF contribution, then the Employees’ Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) has issued a circular. The last date for getting more pension has been fixed as May 3. Come, let us know how the employees will be able to increase the amount deposited in their pension fund?

May 3 last date

According to media reports, a circular has been issued by EPFO regarding some problems being faced by employees and pensioners to get more pension. Three issues have been clarified in the circular of EPFO. Firstly, what will happen after joint submission of application for higher pension? Second, what if there is a mistake in the Combined Application Form? Thirdly, what to do if the joint application form is not approved by the employer i.e. the company. The last date to apply for getting more pension is May 3.

what is the process

In the circular issued by EPFO, it has been said that after submitting the joint application form, the regional office of EPFO will scrutinize it. Once the required documents are completed and the salary details are submitted by the employer, it will be verified from the data available with EPFO. Once the data is verified, the EPFO will calculate the dues and an order will be passed to credit or transfer the dues.

What if the data doesn’t match

According to the circular, it is possible that there is a mismatch between the data available with the EPFO and the information provided by the employer and the employee. It has been clarified in the circular that in case of non-availability of day mail, the employer and employee or pensioner will be informed by EPFO. They will be given one month’s time to give correct information.

What if the joint form is not accepted by the employer?

Now if the joint application form is not approved by the employer, then in such a situation the employer will be given a chance to provide additional evidence or rectify any mistake. This opportunity will be provided for one month. Its information will also be given to the concerned employees and pensioners.

E-pass book service disrupted

According to media reports, the e-passbook service of EPFO has been disrupted for the past few days. EPFO members are also complaining that they are not able to receive their e-passbooks in the last few days and the EPFO website and its UMANG app are also not working. Explain that e-passbook is such a document, which contains all the information about your EPF and EPS accounts. Here, EPFO has told the members who deposited the amount that the concerned team is investigating the situation. Give yourself some time to improve.

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