Flight rules changed: Good news for passengers, no problem if flight gets late, rules changed


Big Relief For Passengers: Recently, after Indigo flight got delayed at Mumbai airport, people started eating food sitting on the tarmac. The rules have been changed to prevent such incidents.

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Big Relief For Passengers:  Bureau of Civil Aviation Security (BCAS) has issued new guidelines for the aviation sector of the country. Through these, great facilities have been provided to the passengers. Now after boarding, if there is a delay in the flight, then they can exit the plane and go out of the departure gate of the airport.

Due to the new rule, now passengers will not have to sit inside the airplane for a long time after boarding. Recently, many cases of passengers being stranded in the plane after boarding were reported. Due to this the rules have had to be changed.

You will not have to sit inside the plane for a long time after boarding.

BCAS Director Zulfiqar Hasan said that these guidelines were issued to airlines and airport operators on March 30. These rules will now be implemented and will help in reducing the problems of passengers. He said that passengers will not have to sit inside the airplane for a long time after boarding. Airport operators will have to make arrangements for infrastructure, including screening, to implement the guidelines. However, only airlines and security agencies will be able to give permission to passengers to disembark from the plane.  

Why did the rules have to be changed? 

In January this year, several incidents of flight delays were reported. After this, the passengers started eating food sitting on the airport tarmac itself. Many passengers came out of the Indigo plane and sat on the tarmac of Mumbai airport. This flight was going from Goa to Delhi and was quite late. Taking cognizance of this incident, BCAS had imposed a fine of Rs 1.80 crore on IndiGo and MIAL.

What else changed in the new guidelines

Many other changes have also been made in the new guidelines. 

  1. Smart security lenses will be installed at the airport so that the experience of passengers can be improved. 
  2. Full body scanners will start working at Bengaluru airport this month.  
  3. Apart from this, scanners will also be installed at airports where the annual passenger traffic is more than 50 lakh.  
  4. BCAS has also instructed 7 airlines to deliver people’s bags on time after the aircraft lands.

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