Good News: Big update for the employees, the retirement age of these people increased

Good News: Higher Education Reform Commission has emphasized on increasing the retirement age of university college teachers up to 65 years at par with Kendriya Vidyalaya. . For this, it has been recommended by the committee to increase the retirement age to 65 years. Soon the government employees and teachers will be told to see its benefits.

Let us inform that the commission headed by Shyam B Menon has proposed this with a view to attract skilled scholars from outside the state. In the first government-aided college and university, a proposal has been prepared to amend it by referring to the equality in the pay scale, service rules and retirement age of the teachers.

The commission said that there should be easy movement of teachers from one institution to another. Apart from this, the formation of innovation group will be encouraged to bring flexibility in the working style of teachers and students including college will get the benefit of increasing the retirement age of teachers.

It may be noted that the retirement age of university teachers in Kerala was 60 years while the retirement age of college teachers is 56 years. Whereas in West Bengal and five other states, teachers in higher educational institutions retire at the age of 65. This report has been prepared after the working style of these states.

In the last few years, a big decision has been taken to increase the retirement of teachers in many states including Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. Recently, proposals to increase the retirement age of teachers were also prepared by the Orissa Government Assembly Committee.

The demand for raising the retirement age of teachers was rejected by the Kerala government just days before the commission prepared the report.

At the same time, the state government had argued that a large number of qualified teachers, including PhD holders, are waiting for employment. In such a situation, by increasing the retirement age, they cannot be deprived of their possibilities and opportunities.

The Higher Education Reform Commission says that along with increasing the retirement age by 5 years, recruitment can be created for PhD holders in addition to faculty posts.

In which 50 percent can be created with a fixed compensation equal to the salary of a regular professor, associate professor in separate 5 years in the cadre. Whereas 50% of the posts should be filled by increasing the retirement age of the existing teacher.