How can you visit Ramlala, know the answer to every question related to the temple here


Ayodhya. In Ayodhya, Lord Ram is giving divine darshan while sitting in his grand palace. If you also want to come to Ayodhya and have darshan of Lord Ram, then this news is most important for you. Today in this report we will tell you some information related to Ram temple, which you must know before visiting.

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If you are coming to Ayodhya to worship Ramlala, then first of all you should know what are the rules in Ram temple? How will Lord Ram be seen? What are the timings of the temple? For how many minutes can you visit? Can mobile phones be taken inside or not? It is very important to know the answers to some such questions.

Do you have to take a token to visit Ram temple?

At present, no token has been installed for darshan and worship in the Ram temple of Ayodhya. Devotees stand in line and wait for their turn to have darshan and worship of Lord Ram.

Where to keep shoes and slippers

Before worshiping in the Ram temple, you can keep your luggage, your purse, your shoes and slippers free of cost at the passenger convenience center run by the trust.

What items can be taken inside the temple?

You cannot enter the Ram Temple premises with any electronic item. You can go inside with purse and money, that is, you can have darshan of Lord Ram with pocket purse. Apart from this you cannot take anything.

For how many minutes can you have darshan of God?

Lakhs of Ram devotees are worshiping in the Ram temple every day. Considering the increasing crowd, you can have darshan of Ramlala in just 5 seconds. However, when the crowd is less, you can wait for 1 to 2 minutes and have darshan of Aaradhya.

What is the timing of the temple?

After the presence of Lord Ram in the Ram temple, the darshan period of the temple has been extended. Devotees can have darshan of Lord Ram from 7 am to 10 pm. During this time, the door of Ramlala’s Aarti will remain closed for half an hour.

How can one participate in Aarti?

If you want to participate in Ramlal’s Aarti, then in these two months you can participate in Ramlila’s Aarti without a pass. If Ram Mandir Trust is to be believed, Ram devotees from all over the country will come to Ayodhya for two months. Lakhs of people will worship and darshan every day. In such a situation, Ram devotees can participate in the morning, evening and afternoon aarti of Ramlala.

From how many feet distance do Ram devotees have darshan?

In Ram temple, devotees can see Ramlala from a distance of about 15 to 20 feet.

What does it cost to keep a mobile and other items?

If you are going to visit Ram Temple and want to keep your mobile phone or any other item in the locker, then Ram Mandir Trust has arranged for a free locker. You can get a free locker by visiting the Passenger Facilitation Centre.

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