How to get LIC claim? Complete details will be available here


If you are the nominee of a LIC (Life Insurance Corporation) policyholder who has died, you should know how to file a claim for death insurance. Let us know.

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Today, the number of LIC policy holders in the country is in lakhs. Many times people say that there is hardly any household in the country who knows about it and has not purchased a policy. If you also come in that list, then you and your family members should know how to claim LIC to provide financial assistance to the family if any calamity ever befalls you. In this article we are going to answer this question.

What is the process?

To start the process of filing a death claim, the nominee has to visit the home branch of LIC from where the policy was issued. There they will have to give information about the death of the policyholder. The branch officer will give Form 3783, Form 3801 and NEFT form to transfer funds to the nominee’s bank account.

The documents that need to be submitted along with these forms include original death certificate, original policy bond, PAN card of the nominee, Aadhaar card of the nominee, voter ID, copy of driving license or passport and any ID proof of the deceased policyholder (Aadhaar card Better if it is) are included. The nominee will have to self-attest all the documents.

Declaration form has to be given

Along with the completely filled form and documents, the nominee will also have to submit a declaration form. In this, the date of death of the policyholder, place of death and cause of death will have to be mentioned.

Along with the NEFT form, the nominee will have to submit a canceled check and copy of the bank passbook, which has the name of the bank account holder, account number and IFS code printed on it. If the photocopy of the bank passbook is not present along with other documents, the documents will not be accepted.

Keep these things in mind

Keep in mind that while submitting the documents mentioned above, the nominee should keep the original documents of which he is submitting copies. They should also keep their PAN card, ID proof of the deceased person and original passbook for verification.

The LIC officer will verify the original passbook from the copy before approving the documents for processing the death claim. Keep in mind that apart from this list of documents, the Life Insurance Corporation may ask for additional documents before crediting the final amount into the nominee’s bank account.

Don’t forget to take receipt after submission

Once you submit the documents at the LIC branch, do not forget to take the receipt and keep it safe. If no additional documents are required, the nominee will receive the settlement amount within a period of one month. However, if the amount does not arrive in your bank account within a month, you should take the receipt to the LIC branch and ask for information about its status.

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